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Today, LOST kicks off its sixth, and final, season. For the moment the realization that each episode of LOST watched brings us closer to a gulf devoid of island adventure has given away to elation. An estimated 15,000 fans crammed the beaches of Hawaii for an early peek at the first half of tonight’s premiere, and so far not a single negative review has crept out of it – and that’s not to say there weren’t any cynics amongst the group, either.
For the hard core contingent of LOST fans, the excitement circulating about the web today as fans tweet, blog, and update their facebook statuses to say something like “LOST is Finally Back!”, is all part of the tradition. For the casual viewers and critics of the show, this is judgment day. Showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have long known that part of the power of LOST is keeping secrets in a way that is fulfilling as it is frustrating. Now they must finally lay their cards on the table.
CNN Has gone as far to compare LOST’s final season to that of such classics as The Fugitive, and M.A.S.H – comparisons that no doubt gratify the creators. It is the final scene, though, that could decide if LOST lives on like those epic moments in television history. And what is that scene? Nobody is saying, but Damon and Carlton are promising it will be different from recent closures. No black screen, no ambiguous exit stage left, and no time trips to see how each character’s lives have turned out. LOST is determined to have an ending all its own.
LOST Premieres at 8:00pm EST, Tonight

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