It Would Appear that Fast X Will See the Return of Gal Gadot

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There will likely be several people who will criticize the need to bring back Gisele from the Fast and Furious movies, but many fans will no doubt welcome her back with open arms. Plenty of people believed that Gisele had died saving Han back in the sixth movie when the team had to take on the villainous Owen Shaw, aka Luke Evans. Given the speed at which the team and their enemies traveled down the tarmac as they attempted to stop Shaw, it was understood that Gisele had willingly sacrificed herself to save Han. But then, it was also believed that Han would meet his end in Tokyo Drift not long after part 6 of the franchise. It was also assumed that Shaw would have been killed since the idea of a human body hitting the tarmac at such speeds indicates that death is the only result that could occur. As it’s being established in these movies, however, death is never final until it’s seen to happen up close and in a personal manner that leaves no doubt about the survivability of one situation or another. In other words, if the audience doesn’t see a character die, there’s always a chance they might still be alive. 

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Where has Gisele been?

This is a question that the franchise will hopefully answer eventually since the matter with Han came as a surprise when he showed up again, and even Owen Shaw’s appearance was a shock, given the nature of the fight that happened during the sixth movie. What’s unfortunate is that the effort to bring her back kind of takes away the whole point of her sacrifice, much as Han’s return did for his supposed death in Tokyo Drift. Fans might not want to hear this, but adversity and the loss of critical characters greatly impact many movies. Not only this, but the loss of various individuals can challenge the continuing story as the remaining characters must find a way to move on and bolster their group in ways the deceased might have filled. Gisele was a highly-skilled operative with the type of skill set that was invaluable to the group. With her loss, they still have plenty of skilled individuals, but none that are her caliber. 

Seeing how her status as Wonder Woman might be in question, this move makes sense

While her status in the DCU is uncertain now, it’s fair to say that Gadot is still going to be a busy woman since there are several projects that she’s currently involved in. But bringing her back to the Fast and Furious franchise will appease quite a few fans who have wanted to see Gisele’s return since it was announced that Han was still alive. After all, Han managed to survive a run-in with Deckard Shaw when he should be dead by all rights. Of course, that tends to raise the idea that someone as highly skilled as Gisele should be able to find a way to survive, right? But this still begs the question of where she’s been and what she’s been doing for the last three movies. That explanation will need to be good enough to satisfy many people. 

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An excellent prediction is that people will accept whatever story is given without question

The criticism that is bound to come from this decision is to be expected since, in some regards, the FF franchise has almost mimicked the Marvel Universe in a way since death doesn’t appear to mean much. The fact is that the characters have somehow become highly OP. Well, at least one of them has. But the fact that characters have been brought back and the team has survived situations that they had no business surviving means that the explanation could be exceedingly simple and naturally hard to believe, but fans will accept it anyway. Admittedly, it’s a bit cynical, but the Fast and Furious movies have made a habit of this since the first movie, so it’s fair to state that Gisele’s return will be accepted no matter how she survived. 

It’s easy to wonder if the last two movies of this franchise will bring back as many stars as possible

If a person didn’t die on screen, then it’s fair to say that they’re still alive, so plenty of villains in this franchise won’t be able to come back, but it does appear that unless a part of Dom’s team was seen to die in front of the audience, they could make a comeback. In several ways, this feels like poor writing and a lack of development that allows for plot holes big enough to drive a truck through, but it’s bound to appeal to the fans. 

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