Is It Time To Reboot The Show Skins?

Is It Time To Reboot The Show Skins?

Is It Time To Reboot The Show Skins?

A reboot of any sort is bound to be an easy sell with some folks and a harder sell with others. When it comes to skins the controversy that might come is probably bound to be the same that it had to deal with the first time around, namely the idea of sexualizing teenagers and dealing with other subject matter that people don’t want to think about at times. Of course, these days there might be a lot of other issues that might crop up since it’s kind of a daily occurrence when it comes to what people are offended by and what will get a show canceled or at least in trouble with those that have an issue with the type of content that’s being shown. But barring that, if something is going to be put up for a reboot it’s bound to happen that there will be plenty of people willing to say ‘sure, reboot it, what’s the worst that could happen?’. There’s aren’t a lot of reasons why an attempt couldn’t or shouldn’t be made, but at the same time, it’s nice to think that there’s enough creativity left in Hollywood to make something new happen or to take from the old stories and advance the narrative in a way that would pay the proper respect the older shows while taking big strides forward into new territory that hasn’t been explored yet. With teens though it’s kind of hard to say that any direction would be completely safe given that almost anything and everything can offend at this point, especially if it has anything to do with subject matter that’s anything but mundane or family-friendly. Well, to be honest, even that might be an issue at times these days.

That’s kind of a cynical viewpoint to have, but it’s honest and more to the point, it’s hopeful that something new will come along or that a reboot will finally appear that can be said to be similar to the source material but respectful and different enough that it can be a compliment to what came before, not a horrible idea that was only compounded by making more horrible decisions to go with it. Skins was more or less a show that was meant to be humorous as well as dramatic and in that, it succeeded in a number of ways. But thinking of how people tend to get offended by every other thing they see these days it does feel that Skins would be another challenge to the status quo and would be co-opted by the woke crowd while being derided by those that believe they have a solid handle on what’s moral, ethical, and right. In other words, it would be another show that would fuel the fire that’s already burning brightly between those that feel that they have the right attitude that society needs despite standing firmly against the morals of those that oppose them. To think that a show, a comedy no less, would add to the confusion and animosity isn’t too far off track, but it could actually bring people together by reminding them that high school was, for most people, a serious pain in the backside at times, but could also be a place where they might find what would come to define them as people later on in life.

I’m not always for reboots since some of them aren’t exactly given the chance to respect the source material they came from. But given where Skins takes place, what age group it was meant to represent, and the fact that the majority of us have been through high school and know the ins and outs of it, and what it took to survive, it does feel as though it could be a unifying factor between a lot of people that might need to find common ground. Whether that will ever happen is hard to say since a lot of people appear to be just fine in practicing their talking points from their own side of the fence without ever taking the time to realize what others have to say. It’d be interesting, kind of like high school, if people came to realize that as different as they thought they were, they’re actually more similar in a lot of ways than they realize. Skins is the type of show that could easily be rebooted if someone really gave it a shot, but whether it’s the right time or not is kind of hard to say from a singular perspective given that a lot of people might want to chime in and give their two cents about it. From just one perspective it might actually be a decent idea to bring it back, but apart from that, well, it’s fair to say that some people might be for it, some would be against it, and some really wouldn’t care.

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