Is It Time for a ‘SoulCalibur’ Movie Yet?

Is It Time for a ‘SoulCalibur’ Movie Yet?

Is It Time for a ‘SoulCalibur’ Movie Yet?

In the realm of fantasy, there’s one story among many that would not only be incredibly diverse but would tell the kind of tale that might appeal to a lot of fans if it could be brought to life. Whether it hearkened back to its Playstation origin or jumped ahead to the first game that featured on Sega Dreamcast though, SoulCalibur feels like a game that would certainly be worthwhile to look into. The story itself is enticing since it deals with the tale of two swords known as Soul Edge and SoulCalibur, both weapons of great power but with very different purposes. Soul Edge is the name of the monstrous blade that was sought after in the first game to come to Playstation. It featured ten characters, each with a decent to great backstory that was put into the game and each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. While the first game stops after defeating the main boss and a great villain to showcase, Cervantes de Leon, as well as Inferno, the creature that is Soul Edge’s last-ditch effort to stop the player, the second builds upon the story of one of the main characters as a great cataclysm is seen to occur when Cervantes and Inferno are finally put down. 

What’s interesting about this story is that in the first game, Soul Edge is represented by two blades that are wielded by Cervantes, and this is important for the sake of any future movie. Siegfried, the cursed child of the first game, becomes the villainous and demonic character known as Nightmare, who wields and is deeply connected to Soul Edge. While the main story puts forth that Sophitia, the herald of Hephaestus, destroys one of the blades, making Cervantes easier to defeat, Inferno is still able to fight Siegfried, who eventually wins, and thus becomes Nightmare as the sword bonds with him. 

Some of the characters don’t even make it to Cervantes as Seong Mina, a runaway from home is caught by her father’s prized student Hwang and returned home. Voldo, easily the oddest of the bunch spends his time protecting his master’s famed Money Pit. Mitsurugi is presumably defeated by Cervantes but manages to escape, while Li Long is possibly killed by the pirate. Rock, the strong man of the game, apparently returns home to the child he left behind, while Taki aids Sophitia after the warrior is wounded by fragments of the broken blade. There’s a place for everyone in this ending, and as Nightmare goes on a murderous rampage the world around him begins to change as the release of the evil of the sword into the world, which plays into the next game, SoulCalibur. This game introduces the characters Kilik, Xianghua, Maxi, Astaroth, Lizardman, Ivy, Yoshimitsu, and Edgemaster. Yep, a Tekken character got tossed into the SoulCalibur game, and it would be a hope that he wouldn’t find his way into a movie if it ever happens. But the point is that there are plenty of great characters with even better stories that would be able to drive this movie in a big way, and seeing how there are currently six games, there might even be enough for a series or if a movie turned out great enough a sequel or trilogy. 

It’s not likely at this point but it’s definitely something to dream about since the fantasy aspect of this idea would be absolutely amazing since in terms of seeing great and extremely off-the-wall fight scenes this idea could deliver in a big way. The character of Voldo alone would be enough to make people wonder just what in the hell was going on, but it might have to be dialed down a bit simply because the character does act as though his body is essentially boneless. But any player that’s ever selected him knows that he has a great number of killer moves. Creating a movie for SoulCalibur would be a challenge without a doubt, but it would be worth it at this time since the technology is there, the wealth of acting talent is out there, and next to many fantasy stories this one has a decided edge if the right director got hold of it. 

Advocating for this when a lot of other people might want to talk about Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and even other fighting games that could become movies might sound ridiculous, but in terms of true fantasy and its many different applications, this idea has a great deal of potential that is currently being wasted, since the story has continued to evolve as the years have gone on. Of those that started out in Soul Edge, several are still left, but they’re being made noticeably older, which is pretty cool. A movie would only make it better

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