Is It Possible We’ll Ever See a Vampire Diaries Reboot?

Is It Possible We’ll Ever See a Vampire Diaries Reboot?

There was a lot of excitement in 2017 when Ian Somerhalder mentioned something about Vampire Diaries reboot, but it turned out to be nothing but a tease, or false information as he would put it. Right now the idea of rebooting the show is something that fans across the US would love to see happen but there’s not a lot of hope that it could happen, at least not with the original actors. One thing fans need to realize is that by the time the CW did get around to making a reboot of the show the actors would have aged quite a bit, and whether they use CGI, which wouldn’t be preferable for such an extensive project, or somehow used makeup to make the actors look younger than they would probably be, the chances of convincing anyone would be next to nothing. The risk in bringing a new cast forward to reboot the show would be that fans might feel cheated at the prospect of having to accept new faces in old roles, or new faces and entirely new roles.

For quite some time now the vampire genre has been one of the hottest on the market for a variety of reasons. From the most erotic to the gore and violence that is laden within the idea of the average vampire story the mythical creatures have been a serious contender for fans when it comes to all things monsters. Unlike a lot of other creatures that are inherently violent, savage, and in some cases absolutely unable to be taken from their gorier origins, vampires are the members of the monster universe that exude a sense of culture and good taste. The idea that many of them have been around for centuries and have been influential in the workings of the world is an alluring tale that makes many people swoon with the idea of how romantic it is that they don’t simply go around tearing the throats out of their victims, instead seducing those they deem as valuable and feeding upon those that they think of as disposable. That’s not even mentioning the whole political lean of the vampires that have set so much into motion within the show.

The Vampire Diaries has had its share of violence and bloodshed but for the most part it has been more cultured and less chaotic than many of the other shows and movies that have made the scene over the years. In fact next to films like Underworld and Vampires the show has been a rather tame version in which bloodletting is usually far more civilized than anything. In some cases it might be seen as the Diet Coke of vampire shows considering that while it does invite danger, intrigue, and seduction, it’s by far and large not on par with a lot of the more hardcore and, perhaps, brutish shows of aggression and bloodthirsty carnage that some people associate with vampire movies and TV shows.

If you’re following trends, and likely many people are, it would seem that the day of the highly-cultured and less violent vampires has faded just a bit and people tend to want a return to the old-fashioned Bela Lugosi days where the bloodsuckers were actually seen as charismatic but still considered to be killing machines and not supermodels. The pursed lips, the poses, the idea that vampires absolutely have to be attractive, socially-integrated, and altogether seductive on every level seems to have worn off a bit when it comes to audiences. In many ways vampires are perfect killing machines since they can integrate with humanity so much easier than many other monsters can. In fact when it comes down to it there’s only a few movie monsters that could pull off the act so flawlessly, but without the social graces that so many vampires have been given.

All in all reboot might not be the best idea for this show at any rate even though it’s something that fans might want. Many people are into the idea of vampires being classy, beautiful, and so charming that they could convince someone that having their blood drained is a good idea and even erotic. But at this time it really seems as though there are more and more fans that want to go back to the killing fields that spawned famed vampires like Dracula and many others that have put their skills and strengths to the test by slaughtering any and every human they get their hands on. Movies like Underworld have shown a bit of high society within the vampire caste and yet they’ve also shown a great deal of violence that offsets the niceties that are the product of so many TV show featuring vampires.

It could be that after the passage of so many years that a reboot might be wise, but at this point it seems fair to say don’t hold your breath.

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