Is it Possible We’ll Ever See a She-Ra Reboot?

Is it Possible We’ll Ever See a She-Ra Reboot?

Right now She-Ra fans are none too happy. For a while now people have been wanting a remake or a reboot of one of their favorite cartoons from decades ago when a lot of us were still kids and some of us weren’t even born yet. She-Ra however is one of those cartoons that you just don’t mess with. Unfortunately it seems that the reboot that Netflix is coming out with is not what people were expecting. In many ways she’s not the opposite of He-Man so much as she is the same character made female. She has the same power set for the most part and is more powerful in some cases. She-Ra was a superhero that was different from her twin brother in a few ways, such as the fact that in her alter ego, Adora, she was still the same person, while Adam affected a sort of feigned laziness that was far unlike He-Man. In the eyes of many people this either made She-Ra a very dominant and confident woman, or an overbearing female that took things way too seriously. Honestly the former was a much more positive outlook than the latter.

It’s uncertain right now if bringing She-Ra back is going to be the best idea, and there’s a few reasons why.

Her look is just, for lack of a better word, awful.

Let’s refrain from being too sexist and say that while things are different now than then when She-Ra came out the first time it’s still nice to see the source material, including the artwork, followed a little more closely. In this rendition She-Ra looks like a pre-pubescent girl, or boy, it’s hard to tell, while in the original she was most definitely feminine and in didn’t look androgynous in any way. Now it might be all well and good to leave her this way and run with it as the appearance might satisfy some folks, but diehard fans are going to be wondering why She-Ra looks like she hasn’t gone through puberty yet. In the original cartoon she looked the part, and that will undoubtedly be what a lot of fans will be saying the moment this show comes back out. While she doesn’t need to look like a busty bimbo that wears too little clothing in order to appease male viewers, it would simply be nice to see her look a little more like her old self.

The fact that the reboot doesn’t seem to be for the older fans is kind of a slap in the face.

The older fans, those folks that remember She-Ra from back in the day, are the ones that kept her memory alive all this time by still recalling just how great she was. Anyone stating that the reboot is for today’s generation of kids isn’t too far out of line, but stating that it’s not for the older generation that grew up with She-Ra is kind of offensive to be honest since we’re the ones that watched her first and the ones that have been excited to see her come back. It’s almost like a pro team going away for a few years and then coming back “just for the kids” when the adults were the ones that were cheering them on in their glory days. It’s a serious slap to the face of those that managed to keep She-Ra in mind and keep her relevant all these years when she was off the air. From a marketing standpoint alone that’s extremely unwise, and not catering to that generation as well as to the kids is something that a lot of people will likely be scratching their heads at.

There’s a lot more success to be had if the showrunners decide to pull She-Ra and do a serious 180 before going forward with this.

It’s not likely to happen since that would take a great deal of time and money but the success of the series would be a much better guarantee if the cartoon was to actually cater to both generations and not just one that has no idea who She-Ra is and what she’s all about. There’s no doubt that those who grew up with She-Ra in their lives would gladly tell their kids about her and how awesome she was back in the day if they remember. But with this kind of push towards a reboot that’s not pulling heavily off the main source material it’s a big gamble that might not pay off. Messing with TV shows is one thing, but messing with a cartoon that was a part of a generation that thrived on entertainment such as this isn’t exactly a wise move, and if She-Ra does manage to capture peoples’ attention it might be a small miracle.

We’re going to have to wait and see.

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