Is DJ Duffey from Basketball Wives Living Her Happily Ever After?

Is DJ Duffey from Basketball Wives Living Her Happily Ever After?
Is DJ Duffey from Basketball Wives Living Her Happily Ever After?

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Basketball Wives is one of those shows that comes back time and time again. It sometimes brings with it a new face. Sometimes, the show is back with the same faces you’ve been watching since the start. On occasion, though, a blast from the past makes an appearance, and we all love it. When the show came back in the summer of 2022, it brought back a familiar face. Back in 2016, DJ Duffey joined the cast as the friend of a former star. However, she’s on television this year as the main character, and the world wants to know more about her. Who is she, and what does she bring to the table?

Who is DJ Duffey?

She’s a little bit of everything, so go ahead and buckle up. We’ll start with where she is from. She comes from the big state of Texas. She went to college there, and she graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington. While she was there, she played Division 1 basketball, which made her a basketball player, too. She might be a Basketball Wife on this show, but she’s a woman who did a lot for herself playing the sport. She’s athletic and talented, but that is not what she chose to do with her life.

She decided to go to work as a DJ. She’s done well for herself, too. For a short time, when she was working as a DJ, she was linked to a very famous star. He’s been linked with more than a few women in his time, but it appears that Duffey may have been romantically involved for a short period of time with none other than Drake. While it didn’t go anywhere – it’s a fun story.

Is DJ Duffey from Basketball Wives Living Her Happily Ever After?

She Went the Football Route First

When love found her, it wasn’t with Drake. Though that’s a cool story, she found love with an NFL player. Some people were unaware of this, but she spent many years with NFL player Brian Jackson. He played for the New York Giants. That’s when she left Texas. She got married, moved to the Northeast to live with her husband, and they welcomed a darling son. His name is Heir. Sadly, their marriage did not last. The truth, however, is that no one knows much about her marriage to this man. They did get married and have a baby, but it’s been said she was only living with him for a matter of months prior to the divorce. Some fans aren’t even sure they were married when their son was born.

While DJ Duffey is not one to do much talking about her ex, she did have something to say at one point when she was asked about her ex-husband and their marriage. “He was in the NFL. He took all the money; he took my car away. I literally had nothing. I had to start over. When I would look at my son, I’d be like, never again will someone be able to take anything from us; I’m gonna have it myself,” she said. It sounds like a dark time and a dark place, and she said he left her with and took it all.

She’s Living Her Happily Ever After

Despite her life not going the way she thought it might go, she’s currently living her own happily ever after. She’s back to work as a DJ, and she has a job as an official DJ. She’s working for French Montana, and it’s going well. She’s also in love, and she’s got a second baby now. She met and began dating a man in the NBA back in 2016. His name is Iman Shokuohizadeh. It did not take them long to fall head over heels for one another, either. Rumor has it that they got engaged within months of meeting. Additionally, we think it’s going well, considering they are the proud new parents of a little girl who was born in 2020. They are still together and going strong, and it looks like they are in such a good place.

Is DJ Duffey from Basketball Wives Living Her Happily Ever After?

Credit: @duffey

As for her own son, it seems that he has a lovely relationship with his future stepfather. He’s been part of the child’s life for many years now. Iman seems to make it clear that his fiance’s little boy is just as important to him as his own daughter, which is nothing short of entirely lovely. This is a happy story, no matter how you paint it. We are happy for DJ Duffey and her newly expanded family.French Montana

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