Is Cara Delevingne Going Insane? What’s Happening to Her?

Is Cara Delevingne Going Insane? What’s Happening to Her?

Cara Delevingne, a supermodel, actor, and heartthrob to many is later spotted in the media doing strange things. Some fans are speculating she has lost her sanity while others believe she is taking too many drugs. 

Many people claim that the symptoms that she’s seen with represent that she was high. Some of her actor friends paid her a visit to keep a check on her. Resources say that her family has been informed and that they might intervene soon to put a check on her mental and physical health. 

The adorable model was seen effortlessly pulling off an iconic bold dress at Met Gala, but soon things took a different turn for her. All her well-wishers are extremely worried about what’s going on with her. Following are some of the major signs that our beloved supermodel is clearly not able to put her life together.

Her Airport Look

Is Cara Delevingne Going Insane? What’s Happening to Her?

Credit: @theviralnews

The video footage and pictures of supermodel Cara went viral where she was seen out of her senses. The model was not wearing shoes and was talking to someone over a phone call when the media captured her erratic behavior. She was acting really strange while having a cigarette in her hands. Her fans suspected that she was high on drugs and related her symptoms to those caused by a few drugs. The supermodel clearly had no idea what she was doing, her disheveled hair and stumbling walk left a clue about her mental condition at that time. 

Strange Behavior at Azealia’s Concert

At the concert of Azealia Banks, the supermodel was seen exhibiting strange behavior. She went on stage with the singer and was seen licking Azealia while she was towards the end of her song. Delevingne started licking her legs and paved her way upward, but, the singer seemed to have no issue with the behavior as she described Cara as her dear friend. However, to millions of people, the behavior was creepy and strange in so many ways. The model was also spotted licking the face of the singer right when she was singing. 

Billboard Music Awards

Is Cara Delevingne Going Insane? What’s Happening to Her?

Credit: BBMAs

BBMAs also make to the list of occasions where Cara Delevingne behaved “odd”. She was mainly criticized for shadowing Meghan Thee Stallion at Billboard Music Awards. The media captured the supermodel licking her tongue and passing on comments while watching Meghan during her shoot. She even came to the front and did some dress adjustments for Meghan to add motion to her pictures meanwhile Meghan seemed to be annoyed at her behavior. 

Is Cara Delevingne Going Insane? What’s Happening to Her?

Credit: @MeghanTheStallion

Later the same night, she was constantly interrupting the conversation between Meghan and Doja Cat as she was sitting between them. She was even seen sticking her tongue out in the middle of their conversation. Meghan had to post a photoshopped photo of her and Doja that had Cara cropped out of the scene. That’s when the fans knew that Meghan wasn’t a fan of Cara’s behavior at BBMAs. Later, Cara gave a public statement justifying her behavior at the awards. 

These were just the main recent highlights that explain that Cara is definitely acting strange, and why is she doing it is still under question. Instead of taking a toll on her, it is high time to understand the issue and help her get through it because we would love to see a talented model like her rocking the stage again but not at the cost of her health!

What Made Her Do This?

Is Cara Delevingne Going Insane? What’s Happening to Her?

Credit: Tonight With Jimmy Fallon

As appealing as the glamorous modeling industry may seem, it has its own flaws. There have been a plethora of incidents in the past that have proved again and again that this glamorous industry affects the mental health of many, leaving them in their worst state. Especially when you are a celebrity, it becomes impossible to have a moment to yourself, enjoy privacy and get a peaceful media detox. Following are some of the reasons that have added to Cara Delevingne’s misery:

Childhood Trauma

Cara started off with modeling when she was only 10! At such a young age she got media trained and was told to suppress her emotions. This gave her emotional trauma beyond repair. As an adult, she might be trying to avoid her emotions by using drugs and alcohol in dangerous amounts.

Ruthless Industry

The modeling industry isn’t as inviting and refreshing as it appears in the media. There is insane competition, unhealthy marketing requirements, and extremely absurd beauty standards. Brands will treat you like a Queen but the moment there is a controversy regarding you in the media, they will be the first ones to leave making it a ruthless industry. 

Inability to Express Emotions

Cara Delevingne admitted in an interview of hers that she always struggled to express her emotions. The model continued that she doesn’t cry very often because she was told to control her emotion and retain them. Little did she know it could push her to the dangerous limits of depression and anxiety. 

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