10 Things You Didn’t Know about India Eisley

10 Things You Didn’t Know about India Eisley

Just looking at India Eisley you might either think movie star or model right off the bat because she certainly has the look. There’s something youthful and innocent there but also kind of dark and perhaps just a little foreboding. But for the most part India is someone that not a lot of people seem to know about unless they’ve watched her on screen or heard about her from others. Even then she doesn’t stay in mind quite that well yet, remaining elusive to a lot of people until they see her act again. Perhaps part of it is that so far her career has been kind of under the radar when it comes the level of hype she’s gotten, or maybe there’s something else. Whatever it is India is talented enough but for some reason she hasn’t quite caught on with a bigger audience yet as she is still a rather unknown individual.

Here are a few things about her you might not have known.

10. She likes to cook.

How many stars ever just admit to this? Some of them probably do and in some cases there are stars that are pretty good at it, but this is still something that the average person might think that many stars don’t tend to worry about as much.

9. She admits to being the uncool girl at school.

This is either a lot humility talking or a young woman that hadn’t yet broken out of her shell since it would seem that her roles to this date have been the kind that would be taken by someone with a great deal of confidence that people would find appealing. But then it could mean that she just had to find that confidence and hadn’t yet found a way back then.

8. She was in Underworld: Awakening.

Think about this, the daughter of two hybrid creatures that have vampire and lycan blood would no doubt be an unholy terror to anyone that had to deal with her, but she would also provide a perfect link that would allow those that desired to create an army of hybrids to bridge the gap between the races.

7. Her career started in 2003.

She’s been around for a while so it’s hard to imagine why she’s not a great deal more popular than she currently is. Having been in films and TV one would think that she’d be a more well-known name.

6. She starred in The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Many teen drama series such as this one tend to bring about a big interest from teenagers and those adults that happen to enjoy this genre, but otherwise it was given kind of mixed reviews during its run. We can all remember being teenagers, right? It seems that some people enjoy the memories and others not so much.

5. Her filmography isn’t that extensive yet.

She hasn’t done a lot with her career yet which could be one reason why she’s still not all that well-known. It almost seems as though she’s been taking time off now and again, spending her time perhaps for her education and perhaps to make sure that she enjoys life. That would make a lot of sense actually.

4. She has a modest following on social media.

Her followers only number in the thousands where some are in the millions after a decade spent in the spotlight. Perhaps she’s not big into social media or perhaps she’s just very selective about what she shares. It’s hard to know unless she discloses that kind of information.

3. A lot of people still don’t know who she is yet.

Either word of mouth is going down or social media just hasn’t locked onto her fully since a lot of people might look at you funny if you cite her name and then try to tell them where she’s been seen. It’s not a tragedy really since she’s easy to look up and then to describe when it comes to her works, but so far India really hasn’t attracted a whole lot of attention that seems to have built up her career.

2. She’s a rather small woman.

To be honest she’s not that much shorter than the average woman as she stands a 5’3″, but for those that stand nearly a half foot taller than her or more that seems pretty short. On screen it would definitely make her a lot shorter than some of her costars if not for the shoes that she wears in some films and shows that allow her to get a bit of a height advantage over her normal stature.

1. She’s 24 years old.

People her age that have been in the business this long seem to have a lot more experience and projects under their belts, but again, maybe she’s just really selective and doesn’t want to suffer a burnout. That would be kind of ideal for anyone really.

It will be interesting to see what she does in the years to come.

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