In Case You Ever Wanted to See John Wick with Lightsabers

In Case You Ever Wanted to See John Wick with Lightsabers

Some folks out there would probably call this overkill, or they might say that John Wick doesn’t need lightsabers. Well, they’d be right on the last part since John usually only needs whatever tools he has on hand and that seems to work just fine. But just imagine John Wick with a lightsaber and then think about how much more damage he could do. Of course this make a person think that he and his enemies are attuned to the Force, yeah? And why now? They’re all amazing at what they do and only ever seem to be at their wits end when faced with one another. When faced against an ordinary or lesser opponent these assassins look like total bada**es, but when facing each other it’s obvious that their skills are being put to the test in a way that’s hard to deny. Once they face one another it’s the absolute best that’s going to win, no two ways about it. Lightsabers definitely perk things up a bit apart from the obvious facts of what would really happen though given that there are a couple of moments when the combatants touch the blade.

Of course it’s me being picky but it would be just about anyone that knows what a lightsaber does as well. They destroy just about everything that’s put in front of them, and having them simply score the glass in the glass room isn’t all that bad since it’s easy to think that they’d either bust or melt right through the glass or spark off of it, but when it comes to touching the blade a person would have to be wearing something that was highly resistant to a lightsaber or able to cancel it out completely, like cortosis from the Star Wars universe. And unless a lightsaber is going to work very differently in John Wick’s universe than anywhere else that’s not likely to be a material that’s all that available. Plus, having a lightsaber in the John Wick movies would be so horribly out of whack that the assassins would likely be running things throughout the entire city, possibly the world, in a much more obvious manner since who in the world is going to stand up to a lightsaber unless they’re encased in metal from head to toe? Hm, think Iron Man could stand up to a lightsaber? Anyway, John Wick with a lightsaber just seems like a recipe for a serious beatdown that wouldn’t end until he finally had what he wanted in the first place, a way back out so that he could live his life in peace once again.

The funny thing with a lightsaber is that it doesn’t level the playing field, it only makes that field more dangerous since it doesn’t matter if someone knows how to use the saber at all, it matters if they don’t. A person could do more damage to themselves and those around them with a saber if they’re not trained than a skillful saber wielder could on a good day. Someone trying to swing a lightsaber around and having no knowledge of what they’re doing is a danger that might as well be a walking grenade since limbs are going to go flying every which way if a person without training gets hold of one of these things. There’s a reason why Jedi and Sith are among the only people that are really qualified to handle such weapons, but as it’s been seen in popular culture a few other characters have handled them as well, though apart from Boba Fett and possibly Batman from the Batman vs. Darth Vader fight, there aren’t a lot of people that could do so with any real skill. John Wick could possibly handle it since he’s methodical and well-trained enough to show the kind of discipline that a lightsaber would require. But there’s such a small margin for error with a saber that placing it in any movie, even just for fun, would in fact be kind of silly. But hey, as a bit of amusement it works since it’s always fun to see some of your favorite characters taking up a weapon that’s so recognizable.

Lightsabers are perhaps one of THE most recognized weapons throughout pop culture that you can imagine, and that’s saying something since there are weapons and weaponized versions of many things throughout the annals of pop culture that people recognize quite easily. The look, the distinctive sound, and of course the ability to destroy anything put in front of them is something that people just don’t mix up with anything else since it’s become such an easy to identify weapon that the snap hiss of the blade coming to life brings a smile to the faces of most fans. But in John Wick’s hand, it’s almost euphoric.

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