How to Watch the 2018 MLB Playoffs Without Cable

How to Watch the 2018 MLB Playoffs Without Cable

How to Watch the 2018 MLB Playoffs Without Cable

It’s time for the baseball playoffs. If you’re lucky, your team is still in the thick of things and could be on their way to the World Series. Whether they are or not, the playoff season is an exciting time for any baseball fan. It’s a time to see teams we once thought were cursed win the big game (I’m looking at you Cubs) or teams we thought were a shoo-in, lose in the first rounds in shocking defeat.

Any way you cut it, the MLB playoffs are something most fans don’t want to miss. After all, once they are over, we’ll only have baseball movies to tide us over until the new season starts.

If you’re planning to stream the playoffs, you’ll have more options than you could imagine. Whether you have cable or not, you will be able to stream the games to your TV or your mobile devices with little to no effort. As long as you know where the game is being aired, you’ll be able to find a place to watch it. Speaking of which, the MLB playoffs will be airing on local channel FOX, FS1, MLB Network, TBS, and ESPN.

Cable Streaming

Cable streaming really couldn’t be easier. The most obvious choice is to watch through your cable providers app. Most cable providers offer their own apps that you can use to stream on most devices. Of course, you can also use apps like FOX Sports Go,  TBS, or WatchESPN to watch the games live this way. For big sports fans, these apps might even be a better option, as you’re more likely to find additional content from the games you might not get with your cable provider.

If you have cable, as long as you have all of the channels in your package, you shouldn’t have any trouble streaming the playoffs. Just download the apps you need ahead of time and you’ll be good to go.

Streaming the Playoffs without Cable

You might be thinking it will be difficult to stream the playoffs without cable, but you’d be wrong. In fact, as long as you know what service or services you plan to use and get your apps setup in advance, you won’t have any problem. In fact, many of these services offer DVR access so you might even be able to record a game if you’re not able to watch it live!

Given the channels you need, your best option might just be YouTube TV. All of the necessary channels are included, and the service works on most streaming devices except Fire TV devices. The monthly fee is $40 per month, but they offer a one-week trial. Another good option is Hulu Live. They have everything but MLB Network. You get Hulu’s on-demand service for free and you should be able to stream on all of the major streaming devices. Hulu Live is also $40 with a one-week trial.

Some other solid options are DIRECTV NOW, which offers a $55 monthly package that includes all you’ll need for playoff watching, PlayStation Vue (packages start at $45), and Sling TV (packages start at $25), though if you want a DVR with Sling, you’re going to have to pay extra. Keep in mind, no matter which service you choose you should also be able to use TV Everywhere apps, like the ones mentioned above, to watch the games, as well.

It’s also worth noting that each of these services offers a free trial. In every case but PlayStation Vue you’ll be able to watch free for one week. PS Vue gives you 5-days free. With this in mind, if you choose to be creative and don’t mind service-bouncing you could watch the majority of playoffs at no cost to you!

You can get more information on all the various services that will stream the MLB Playoffs.

Hopefully, your team is in the playoffs. Good luck to them, if they are! May the best team win!

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