A Hilarious Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Spoof Clip

A Hilarious Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Spoof Clip

A Hilarious Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Spoof Clip

The movie isn’t even out yet and it’s being spoofed. This Thor: Ragnarok trailer, or rather, Thor: Recharged looks absolutely hilarious and could be a movie that a lot of fans might want to see instead of the one coming out next month. Kidding, kind of. Still it’s funny enough that those with a good sense of humor should find it amusing. As we’ve already seen in the trailers of the upcoming Ragnarok things are not well in Asgard. Hela, the goddess of death, has decided to make her presence known and is mucking things up left and right.

Thor, powerful as he is, still isn’t powerful enough to back Hela down and in the process of defending his home has his hammer shattered, wow, and is then exiled from his home to become a participant in a gladiatorial arena. The opponent he’s set against is someone he knows quite well but also knows can hit a lot harder than he can sometimes, especially when he doesn’t have his hammer. The Hulk and Thor have tangled more than once in the past, and while both of them have come out as winners different times it’s well known the scrap between the two of them doesn’t necessarily favor Thor all that much.

Still, the god of thunder isn’t exactly the most humble person in the world and will admit that the fight was glorious but still ultimately one-sided, which would be his side. Upon teaming up with the Hulk and Valkyrie, Thor then enlists the help of his brother Loki once again and they set off to reclaim Asgard. Hela isn’t one to go down without a fight however and it becomes imperative that Thor become even more powerful somehow than he was before in order to banish her back to the realm from whence she came. Plus, we get to see Hulk about to pummel a big, red, godlike creature that seems to be waiting for him to come closer.

The movie is bound to be awesome just for the effects if not the story, but the spoof is awesome because it picks up on the inadequacies of the characters and brings them front and center. It shows Thor’s vanity, Hulk’s continual anger issues, and of course Hela’s arrogance and Loki’s,well, strange proclivities.

One thing I have to ask of both the movie and the spoof, why in the world would Thor ever trust Loki again? He’s a powerful ally indeed but each and every time Thor decides to trust him Loki turns on him somehow because that’s his nature. He and Thor have been going at each other so often in the comics over the years that making them allies for even a moment in the films feels absolutely wrong. That they were raised together is one thing, but Thor’s insistent need to trust his brother when he knows full well how it will go is becoming a bit tiresome.

Also, as entertaining as it is to watch the Hulk whip Thor around like a rag doll it’s also important to note that Thor is a god and should be giving the Hulk a little more competition when it comes to brute strength.

Okay, my rant’s over.



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