Hellcats 1.05 “The Prisoner’s Song” Recap

Hellcats 1.05 “The Prisoner’s Song” Recap

Hellcats 1.05 “The Prisoner’s Song” RecapBid Videos and Hellcats

Marti rolls out of bed, right onto Dan. Seems Savannah is falling right into a relationship with Dan and Marti lays down some rules for Dan staying over. Dan prepares Savannah a real ‘Irish’ breakfast and he talks to her about how the team can spice up their bid video. She invites him to practice to watch and maybe give some pointers on how they can spice things up. The cuteness factor between the two is getting a bit much.

Marti arrives for cheer practice a bit late, which gets her the eye from Savannah, who’s going through the routine as Dan watches from the sidelines. Alice and Savannah get into it over Dan giving some pointers in what the video should include. Alice tells him to get out, only to get into a rather personal back and forth fight with Savannah and calling for a vote to resolve the matter. Despite everyone raising their hand to do it the way it’s always been done (including Marti), Savannah pulls rank and says that she’s the captain and they’re following Dan’s ideas. Looks like claws are starting to come out. Alice goes to Vanessa to talk about it.

Marti and Dan talk to each other and she tells him that the team is like the Beatles, that he’s Yoko and that she’s not going to let him ruin the team. Where’s the friendship, Marti? After Alice and Savannah find Vanessa, they’re taken to her office where Savannah tells Alice that no one likes her. Yet more cat fighting ensues until Vanessa tells them to knock it off because the bid video needs to be done and Alice needs to follow Savannah’s lead. Vanessa also tells Savannah that she needs to work on gaining the team’s trust back, which leaves Savannah leaving the office with a frown.

At the bid video shoot, Dan asks Savannah if everyone’s alright with it, to which Savannah replies that they will be after they see the video. The shoot takes place, but things don’t seem to be going as planned. The shoot ends with Marti calling Dan Yoko again, which upsets him. As Savannah and Dan are editing the video, Louis comes in and tells them that Alice is staging a meeting to obtain a ‘no confidence vote’. Looks like Savannah may risk losing her spot as captain. Alice preaches that she’s the better choice, which prompts Savannah to speak up and admit that she’s a bad leader who made a mistake. They do come up with a plan to save their bid video, a idea brought on by Alice that Savannah agrees with. The team scrambles to set everything up and they shoot a brand new bid video. Alice and Savannah talk, and Savannah apologizes to Alice, but Alice doesn’t accept.

Hellcats 1.05 “The Prisoner’s Song” RecapJailbirds Sing Too

Morgan gets introduced to Louis and Louis doesn’t seem impressed. Marti and Morgan are visit a prison for a law project. At the prison, Morgan seems very nervous and admits to Marti that he doesn’t like prisons. Marti and Morgan listen to the prisoner’s case and the inmate seems impressed by Marti’s knowledge of music. Marti says that Julian is going to get his sentence reduced, but she’s told that he got screwed by the system and walks out. Looks like being a lawyer isn’t so easy as she thought it would be.

Marti gives Julian the forms that Travis signed. She talks to him and says that Trevor believes he’s innocent. Julian tells her that it’s hard to overturn a conviction but Marti doesn’t seem to want to give up, so she pleads her case but Julian doesn’t listen. Marti doesn’t listen either.

Ex’s and Promotions

Vanessa and her husband run into her ex-lover once again and he’s invited to breakfast by Derrick. He discusses with Red about how Vanessa is feeling uncomfortable with him back on campus and she seems mighty impressed from her seat. Red then admits that he came back with a plan, to win Vanessa back, which gets him punched. Nice one, Coach. As they walk outside, Vanessa lays into Derrick and tells him about the consequences of what he just did and what could happen.

Vanessa goes after Red to speak to him, only to get into a conversation about what kind of man she wants to be with. Red promises not to hurt Derrick’s career. Derrick is commanded to appear at the coach’s office and gets reprimanded – only to find out he’s been promoted after apologizing to Red. Derrick just has to thank him for lobbying him for the position. There’s definitely more than meets the eye here.

At dinner with Vanessa, she tells Derrick that Red may be up to something, which causes the two to argue and him to walk out. Vanessa confronts Red the next day and tells him she’s sick of his games. Red tells her that getting pushed out of town should have been the best thing to happen to him. Only he says that she’s the one he wants and he’ll be there for her when she figures out what she really wants. Vanessa and Derrick have a small heart-to-heart about the promotion, where she finds out that he already accepted, which upsets her.

In conclusion, the bid video lands safely, Dan and Marti patch things up and he promises to be careful. Marti goes back to the prison, where she takes her guitar for Travis to play and asks him to tell her the whole story behind his arrest. The episode ends with Marti and Travis singing and the vote taking place to replace Savannah. Good news Savannah, you’re still Captain — much to Alice’s dismay.

Written by: Holly

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