HBO is Reportedly Looking To Reboot True Blood

HBO is Reportedly Looking To Reboot True Blood

HBO is Reportedly Looking To Reboot True Blood

The initial reactions when hearing news of a True Blood reboot could range from irritation to excitement since the idea would appear to be that it wouldn’t really be a chance to bring back the original characters since the ending of this show was made pretty clear and not really subject to continuation. But it does feel as though the thought might be that there could be more to explore within the world beyond the main characters and that another story might be able to take place and shape a new direction that fans might enjoy. Whether this will happen or not is uncertain since it would appear that HBO isn’t really confirming the rumors at this time. But if it does end up happening, which is a strong possibility, then it’s very likely that we’ll see a new story that won’t focus on the old characters and will take off on a different path that will probably seek to be a little more diverse as well. That’s one goal of any show these days to be certain, since catering to the fans that are shouting the loudest for a more diverse and rounded cast is what appears to be trending at the moment. But the great part of this is that there’s no real trouble with doing this when speaking of a vampire drama since to be fair, vampirism is something that can affect pretty much anyone, and has seen its share of diversity no matter how much people have missed it over the years. Hell, one of the most popular half-breed vampires in pop culture is black, and it’s been shown that vampires do come in various shapes and sizes from different cultures.

Like many stories, a vampire tale is definitely open to a wide variety of cultures and people that can step into the needed roles, so long as they can act and so long as they can be convincing and not divisive to the rest of the cast. This would be one of the biggest frustrations if this series does kick off again, if it becomes more diverse simply for the sake of being diverse, not for pushing the story in new, different directions that can increase the power of the overall narrative and create a more comprehensive universe. Many people would no doubt want to argue about this matter since the idea these days appears to be that diversity is key and that to go forward without thinking of how to incorporate as many different people as possible is bound to get a show in hot water. The trouble with that line of thinking is that it doesn’t factor into the makeup of the show just who’s best for which role, since casting those who are more diverse is one of the main points at this time. But with True Blood, it could possibly work to include people from many diverse backgrounds since it would heighten the story and increase the efficiency of the narrative as it would be a little more inclusive and allow the story to spread, much as vampirism tends to do in so many stories. Using diversity as a gimmick can work, but it can also backfire in a big way, as the inclusive nature that people want to see can swing wide the other way as well and begin to exclude others as the rabid fans and those that preach but don’t always practice social justice decide that they want to see the story told one way but not the other.

In any case, if this reboot does happen it feels safe to state that it could go in a number of different directions with many possible cast members. Vampire stories are open books, so to speak, that can be filled by pretty much anyone since the whole idea of a vampire story is that it typically becomes a struggle between vampires and humans, which can transcend race and color quite easily. As one of the conditions, diseases, viruses, myths, whatever you’d like to call it, in pop culture that is so wonderfully open and available to pretty much everyone, vampirism is by far and large something that can make use of anyone that has the desire to act in a vampire show since all they need to be able to do is act in a convincing manner and they might stand a chance of being cast. There’s no doubt at all that True Blood would be far different in a rebooted form, but it’s also possible that it could turn some heads and make a convincing debut if this is indeed the idea that HBO wants to go with. Until we know a little more about this matter it’s likely to remain mostly rumor though, but plenty of fans will be looking forward to confirmation.

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