Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 23 Review: “Mo’o ‘olelo Pu (Sharing Traditions)”

Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 23 Review: “Mo’o ‘olelo Pu (Sharing Traditions)”

Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0 delivered a Kono-centric hour before next week’s season finale. This week’s episode tests the strength and resilience of Five-0’s favorite female cop, and it’s her memories that keep her alive.

Before her wedding to Adam, Kono decides she needs to take a solo outrigger trip  around the island, one that her mother never got the chance to before she had an aneurysm. Kawika even comes to bless Kono and her voyage. The most important people to see her off, though, are her parents. Kono believes she has good weather for her trip, but she has no idea a major storm is about to change course and hit her head on. From a distance, Chin sees that the storm has changed course, and while Steve reassures his friend, the look on his face says he’s not as certain as he’s trying to be.

While Kono is gone, the team catches the latest case in a string of pharmacy robberies. These robbers are pros stealing drugs to cook copious amounts of meth, and one of the major players responsible is someone Chin put away in prison, Makai Ikana. It seems like an open and shut case when Five-0 finds Makai cooking the drugs, until he tells them he is being forced to do so under a threat for his son Carter’s life. The twist is that Carter was the one who set his father up to cook the drugs, thinking that Makai owed him for leaving him with nothing. Chin knows something about being turned on by family, and so he advises Makai to keep moving forward.

After a rough first night at sea, Kono is left with only her surfboard, a bag of rice with her satellite phone, and a few provisions strapped to her ankle. Delirious and dehydrated, Kono has flashbacks to her childhood when her mother first taught her how to surf. Another day at sea goes by, and Kono’s chance at being rescued by a stray helicopter disappears as well. After brutally gutting a fish for food and saying a prayer, Kono is finally able to call Chin for help on her satellite phone, but only briefly before she gets hit by a new storm.

While the Five-0 team reaches out to the Coast Guard for help, they are unable to find her after searching from the water and from the sky all night. Between Chin’s despair, Kono’s memories of her mother, and the delirious“Where are you Hawaii?” from Kono,  the situation certainly seems hopeless. Using the stars as her guide like her mother taught her, Kono swims all night, at one point following a vision of her mother, and finally reaches land.

It was an emotional journey this week for Kono. Hopefully, her wedding next week will be a little less stressful (though based on promos, that may be wishful thinking).

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