Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 14 Review: “Powehiwehi (Blackout)”

Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 14 Review: “Powehiwehi (Blackout)”

Hawaii Five-0

In this week’s Kono-centric episode of Hawaii Five-0, a criminal without a face brings several old and new players back into the game. Specifically, former convict turned informant JC Dekker, ICE Agent Morris, and a new confidential informant played by Michael Imperioli, who will continue to appear on the show for a few episodes. JC Dekker ends up being a CI for Morris to capture an international criminal whose face is unknown. Somewhere along the way, that plan goes terribly wrong, since Dekker is found with heavy head trauma after trying to break back into the prison, and now with no memory of the past few days.

With their CI no longer able to help them, the team realizes he’s vulnerable in the hospital and has a target on his back. So they fake his death and then follow Dekker’s trail for the last few days. Imperioli’s Odell Martin, a reformed criminal with his ear still to the ground, points Five-0 in the direction of Sydney Aimes, a sort of concierge for criminals on Oahu. They track down a very dead Aimes, whose phone leads them to the house where Roman is. All but an escort in the house are killed, except for Roman, who uses his knowledge of Agent Morris’ family to escape. The escort manages to give the team a description of Roman, and they are able to track him down and kill him. However almost immediately after, Martin comes in and says the chatter he’s been hearing says they have the wrong guy.

Roman is in fact the escort who played dumb when the house was raided, and is now right across the hall from Dekker. The minute Dekker sees Roman, his memories come flooding back and he wheels away as fast as he can. This leaves him and Kono in the fight of their lives, trapped in the hospital with no escape, no signal to call for help, and the Five-0 team still playing catch up. Kono is left to hide a still very weak Dekker while she tries to call for help, and ends up taking Roman down with some cool moves and a very well-placed defibrillator to her chest. Can I also say that, I truly do believe in Dekker’s reform, and the way he interacts with the Five-0 in this episode makes me want him to stay on the show. I’m making my personal plea to the writers: let’s keep him on!

On the personal front, Kono and Adam start a serious conversation about why they aren’t married by now. Adam believes they are finally in a good place in their lives to take this step, but Kono is still having trouble with Adam’s former ties to the Yakuza. She goes so far as to even ask him to sell his company and walk away. Adam is understandably upset after all the progress he’s made to legitimize his business. What solidifies Adam’s rationale even more is that both Jerry and Dekker tell Kono she should either fully commit to Adam or let him go (the fact that even a conspiracy theorist and a convict think Kono should concede is a sign if I’ve ever seen one). Luckily, after her throwdown with Roman, Kono finally accepts Adam’s marriage proposal. Here’s hoping for a Hawaii Five-0 wedding by the end of the season! Oh, and let’s have Jerry sing some Frank Sinatra at the wedding; he’s pretty good.

What did you think of this week’s Kono-centric episode? Do you think Xzibit’s performance as JC Dekker should earn him a more regular spot on the show?

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