Harry Potter Starring Millie Bobby Brown as Hermione Granger Deepfake Video

Harry Potter Starring Millie Bobby Brown as Hermione Granger Deepfake Video

Harry Potter Starring Millie Bobby Brown as Hermione Granger Deepfake Video

To be fair, it doesn’t make a huge difference to put Millie Bobby Brown’s face on Hermione since there are only minimal differences that can be seen between them. This is probably one of the closest Deepfakes yet, but one thing stands out as a reason why, as the hairstyles that Hermione utilized do a great deal to whatever blurring effect might have been visible when putting Brown’s face on Watson’s body. That’s why this works in a big way it feels, but the effect is one of those that obviously works better than many since it works on a level that’s far better than many of the others. Even the facial expressions aren’t too far off, though anyone that’s knowledgeable enough about both women would know who is who. There are plenty of actors in Hollywood that can get confused with others and it’s usually because they share at least a couple of similar features. Outside of this movie, it’s easy to see the differences between Brown and Watson, but when using Brown’s face for this it does tend to take on Hermione’s overall attitude in a manner that smooths over the attempt. Out of all the Deepfakes that have been created so far this has to be one of the best without question.

Comparing their temperaments would be a little more difficult since where Hermione is all about learning what she can about a situation, Millie Bobby Brown’s characters in the movies appear to be a little more prone to doing things rather than studying them to see what the danger is all about. Hermione has always been the avid student, the reader, the planner, and has only rarely shot from the hip as the saying goes. In Stranger Things, Eleven, Brown’s character, goes by what she feels is right and doesn’t generally have a great plan when it comes to utilizing her powers against something that’s beyond her until she taps into the power that resides in her body, or at least used to reside there. That’s another thing, Hermione’s abilities might need a wand, but they’re such an integrated part of her that she might need a wand, but she’s still a formidable opponent since she can outthink quite a few individuals that don’t possess even half of her intelligence. Eleven kind of forces her way into a situation and then tries to force her way out of it using the raw power at her disposal, but she’s not much of a thinker at all times.

It’s kind of a silly thought, but just bear with me for a moment, think of what might happen if Eleven was able to cast spells and use magic apart from her own power, which abandoned her in the last season? She’d be even tougher, but with her intelligence and propensity for getting angry, just think of what she might do with such power. Now think of what Hermione might be able to do with Eleven’s power. That’s actually far more disturbing than the former mashup since that kind of power coupled with Hermione’s intelligence and the magic she can already perform would be a heady experience that wouldn’t belong in the possession of a young student that was wise beyond her years and definitely rational, but still wasn’t ready for something of that caliber. In fact, Hermione might even say such a thing since she’s far more practical than her friends. Out of all the characters in the Harry Potter stories, Hermione was by far one of those that was considered to be among the smartest, and this is taking into consideration that she was just one student among many. But to be fair, she didn’t have to be a super genius to hang with Ron and Harry. The guys aren’t exactly dumb, but they’re not as smart as Hermione either, not even close in a lot of ways. Where Eleven was the muscle of her group, Hermione was the brains and could flex her magical muscles in a lot of ways since the whole idea of being a witch or a wizard was that one’s magic would define just how tough they were, and had she been a little more experienced, Hermione would have been a heavy hitter early on her time, since as she matured she only became tougher and tougher.

The two women do share a few similarities in looks as mentioned, so it’s kind of funny to see how well this works. Normally one can see the edges flickering, or something that happens since obviously creating a Deepfake isn’t just about slapping things together and hoping it works. This is a good effort though since it takes nearly every possible angle and uses it in a manner that’s extremely impressive and flows nicely without any obvious points that can be seen immediately.

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