10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hal Cumpston

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hal Cumpston

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hal Cumpston

Hal Cumpston may be new to the professional acting world, but he’s already gotten his break out opportunity. Hal will be starring in the upcoming series, The Walking Dead: World Beyond. As a spin-off of the original series, World Beyond will focus on the first generation of people to grow up in the post-apocalyptic world. Although Hal only has one other acting credit to his name, people are already excited about his role on the show. Not only is World Beyond a great opportunity for him to get his name and face in front of the world, but it’ll also be a true test of his acting chops. Continue reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Hal Cumpston.

1. He’s Australian

Hal Cumpston was born and raised in Australia which is where he developed his love for acting and started his career. After getting off to a great start in his home country, he started to grab the attention of people in the industry in the United States. Now he is officially on the bring of international superstardom.

2. He Wrote And Starred In A Movie

Aside from World Beyond, the only other acting credit Hal has is a 2019 film called Bilched. However, this isn’t just any acting credit. Not only did Hal have a starring role in the movie, he also wrote and produced it as well. Despite being so early in his career, Hal is already proving that he is multi-talented.

3. His Dad Is Also An Actor

Hal isn’t the only person in his family to be bitten by the acting bug. His father, Jeremy, is also an actor. Jeremy began his career in the early 90s and his most recent appearance was in Hal’s movie, Bilched.  In addition to acting in the movie, Jeremy also directed it. Surprisingly though, working in the entertainment industry isn’t Jeremy’s only job; he is also a doctor.

4. He’s Always Loved To Act

Hal has loved acting for as long as he can remember. He got involved with performing at a young age and became even more interested during high school. It quickly became apparent that on top of having an interest in acting, Hal also had a knack for it as well.

5. He Doesn’t Have a Big Social Media Presence

As someone who is in his early 20s, most people would probably expect Hal to be all over social media, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Although he does have an Instagram account, he has just over 3,100 followers and he doesn’t post very often. When he does post, it’s mostly about what he has going on professionally.

6. He’s A Stand Up Comedian

Acting isn’t the only way Hal likes to keep people entertained. He also loves comedy and has gotten some recognition for his skills as a stand-up comedian. According to IMDB, Hal won a very competitive contest in Australia called Class Clowns.  Hal used this ability to make people laugh to help him write Bilched.

7. Bilched Was Intended To Be A Short Film

When Hal originally came up with the idea to write Bilched, he was planning on writing a 10 minute coming of age comedy. But once he started writing he realized he had a much bigger story to tell. He ultimately ended up with an 88 page script for a feature film.

8. He’s Won Awards

Hal is still very early on in his career, but he’s already gotten lots of attention for his talents. Bilched was accepted into the 2019 Chelsea Film Festival where it took home an award for Best Screenplay. Needless to say, I think there will be a lot more awards in Hal’s future.

9. World Beyond Was His First American Audition

In the entertainment world, it’s fairly rare to find success very early on in your career. It’s even more rare to land the first big audition that you go out for, but that’s exactly what happened to Hal. Although it may be hard to believe The Walking Dead: World Beyond was the first role that Hal auditioned for  in the United States.

10. He Wrote Bilched Right After High School

Lots of people spend the summer after high school hanging out with friends and getting ready to go off to college. However, when Hal finished high school, he decided that he wanted to write a movie. According to Film Ink, Hal “felt like a bit of a dropkick and wanted to do something productive” which resulted in him writing Bilched. More importantly though, Hal felt like comedic coming of age stories were missing in the Australian industry and he wanted to do something about it.

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