Great Uses of Songs in Movies: Madame Butterfly Selections in “Fatal Attraction”

Listening to Madame Butterfly in Fatal Attraction seems like a serious case of foreshadowing, and it’s absolutely creepy. It’s one thing to learn that someone you enjoy being with has the same interests as you, and it’s great to think that you have something in common, but the look in her eyes just seems absolutely possessive, as though there’s something going on behind them that you can’t define and don’t want to see. Alex is absolutely lonely, absolutely nuts, and altogether dangerous, as you can see in the way she seems to analyze everything and then dismiss the moment so easily. That’s usually the mark of someone that doesn’t just let things go that quickly, or that quietly.

Obsession can be a very dangerous thing, especially if there are emotions involved. A woman like Alex that feels as though she’s been used for a short time and then pushed away when she’s no longer convenient can be extremely unpredictable as it was shown in the movie, and the beginning of this madness came with warning signs that were there but never heeded. Of course if Dan had been any more observant he would have ran away and never looked back. Then there wouldn’t have been much of a movie. But the idea that someone could be with another person that gives off that crazy, possessive vibe isn’t too far out of left field since it happens way too often in life. People need to be with each other in order to feel wanted, desired, and overall special. If they stay for convenience and then dump the other person then there’s a chance that that person could feel jilted and, depending on their emotional state, be capable of doing something extreme and not altogether sane. I mean come on, what kind of person boils a little girl’s rabbit?

To say the movie was disturbing doesn’t seem to give it enough credit, but to state that this defining moment when Dan seemed so oblivious and Alex was just watching like a hawk with a mouse in her sights is enough to tell the viewer that she’s not all there, and that the only part that is there 24/7 is the darker, obsessive side that wants to covet anyone she feels close to in a way that would be entirely too creepy. People are social animals no doubt but unlike many in nature they’re a lot more psychotic at times than any wild animal could possibly be. This is proven when Alex can’t seem to let Dan go and begins stalking him. The lengths to which Alex go make a lot of serial murderers look like amateurs when it comes to terrifying and stalking their victims, as she goes so around the bend that it seems as though she could make history by being one of the only female characters to truly be called a psychotic nutjob.

And the strangest thing of all this is that in this one sequence you can see all of this in Alex’s eyes, if you cared to look.

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