10 Things You Didn’t Know about Grace Potter

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Grace Potter

If you aren’t familiar with the world of rock and roll, you might not be familiar with the name Grace Potter. No, she’s not related to Harry (though that would be amazing), but she is a rock star, a singer, a songwriter, and an all-around multitalented woman. She’s been at it since 2002 when she was part of her own band, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down if her current life is any indication. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the rock star, we thought we might help you out getting to know her a bit more.

1. She’s an 80s Girl

But, aren’t all the best people? Not that we are biased of course. She was born on June 20, 1983 in Vermont. Waitsfield, to be precise. We don’t know who she lived with, if she’s an only child, or what her parents did for a living, but we know she grew up there. Her love of music came from somewhere, and we’d assume where she lives or who she lived with.

2. She’s Close to Kenny Chesney

One of the biggest successes in her life is the relationship she’s formed with country music legend, Kenny Chesney. He’s one of the single most successful music stars in the world, and he’s collaborated with Grace Potter on many duets. They are always chart-topping, but so is everything that Chesney touches.

3. She’s Part of a Netflix Show

If you watch the show “Grace and Frankie,” (and if you don’t, you really, really should) you would recognize the theme song. It’s a Grace Potter song. She sings it. She is talented, and it really is one of the most creative and genius shows on television today.

4. She’s Married

She’s a woman who is definitely not on the market, sorry guys. She’s married to Eric Valentine, who is a record producer. He is not her first husband. In fact, she married one of her bandmates back in 2013, but they didn’t last long. She divorced him and moved on.

5. She’s a Mother

She and her current husband, Eric Valentine, welcomed their first child on January 12, 2018. His name is Sagan Potter Valentine, and he is most assuredly the light of their lives. We don’t know too much about the little guy, but we know what happens when you have a baby, and that baby becomes the best thing in life.

6. She’s an Advocate for Alzheimer’s Awareness

Her paternal grandfather suffered from the horrible disease. What’s so bad about this is that you lose a piece of someone you love a little at a time, and there is nothing you can do about it. The highs and lows are dangerous, too. There are good days when your loved one is lucid and knows everything, and then there are very bad days when your loved one is confused and scared, and it’s hard to watch this slow and painful decline. She works closely with the Alzheimer’s Association in his honor.

7. She’s Touring Amid the Pandemic

While many stars have canceled and postponed and done away with their tours, Grace Potter is keeping on. She’s doing only outdoor concerts, and she’s asking people to keep their distance. In fact, she’s doing some of her shows at Drive-In theaters where people can stay in their cars and have a good time without being near anyone else.

8. She’s Wealthy

She’s been in the business a long time, and she’s doing well for herself. Her alleged net worth as of 2020 is approximately $4 million. She’s not doing poorly for herself by any means. She’s living life on her own terms, and she’s not going to give that up for anything. Her success speaks for itself if we had to guess.

9. She’s Written About Her Life

Her 2019 album, Daylight, was all about her hard time in life. She went through a lot when she was divorced from her first husband. They were both part of the same band, the Nocturnals, and it’s hard to have a band when you have a divorced couple. He left, the band split, her marriage ended. It was all a mess for her, and she had to find some healing through the writing she did in that time of her life.

10. Writing and Performing is Therapeutic for Her

She’s got a lot going on in her life, including the fact that she’s been given a natural talent to have her own form of therapy. She’s able to focus on her own life and get through things that might seem difficult to others by actually writing and performing her heart out, and that is such a gift.

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