Grace and Frankie Season 1 Episode 8 Review: “The Sex”

Grace and Frankie Season 1 Episode 8 Review: “The Sex”

Grace and Frankie

When we last left off on Grace and Frankie, Grace had begun to get closer to Guy, her new boyfriend, while Frankie realized that maybe she wants to try getting into the dating game. We also saw Robert and Sol bond over a new activity, and the kids of our main characters were finally beginning to get their own storylines.

When “The Sex” opens, Bud is gardening at the beach house in order to help his mother (who doesn’t want it), and Grace is preparing to have Guy over to the house for a date, presumably to sleep with him for the first time. Across town, Robert is trying to convince Sol to turn Brianna’s old room into an office. Unfortunately, Sol is terrified of Brianna and doesn’t want to do anything to make her mad.

Grace is worried about her ability to complete the act, and Frankie tries to help her with the aid of her “yam man” Jacob, played by the great Ernie Hudson. Jacob openly flirts with Frankie, but she doesn’t realize it until Grace points it out later. Frankie begins to think she may be interested in Jacob, while Grace goes off to prepare for her evening. Elsewhere, Bud and Coyote get into an argument when Bud feels his brother is hiding something from him.

That night, Grace and Guy make awkward small talk, both fully aware of what they expect to happen. Grace finally puts everything out in the open, and the two head upstairs to her room. There is an amusing scene where Grace is visibly disappointed with her appearance, and it leads to some good physical comedy involving Guy stumbling in the dark. The next morning, Coyote finally reveals to Bud that he’s secretly been looking for his birth mother.

Frankie asks Grace about the night later on, and Grace reveals that things didn’t go exactly as hoped. Meanwhile, Brianna is going through the belongings in her room with her father and Sol. Sol is very concerned with making sure she keeps sentimental things, but she and Robert are very uninterested.

Bud and Coyote argue about Coyote’s reasoning for wanting to find his birth mother, and Bud accepts that his brother needs this at this point in his life. At the beach house, Jacob and Frankie share an intimate moment as he looks over Bud’s previous gardening attempt. Grace makes more plans with Guy, and she tries to give Frankie some advice on how to answer her own situation. Across town, Robert and Brianna share a great father-daughter moment, only to have the mood comically ruined by Sol.

Jacob ends up staying to hang out with Frankie, but she overdoes her attempts at flirting. Luckily for her, he is able to calm her nerves with weed. He ends up having to leave, but not before reassuring Frankie that he was, in fact, flirting. Elsewhere in the house, Grace and Guy end up enjoying a nice evening of dancing and conversation, and they are able to end the night in the way that Grace prefers.

Grace and Frankie continues to be a very solid show. While “The Sex” may not have been quite as strong as those that have come before it lately, there was still a good amount of character progression as Frankie enters the world of romance and Bud and Coyote make strides in strengthening their brotherly bond.

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