Get Ready to be Frozen by Playing Death Stranding

Get Ready to be Frozen by Playing Death Stranding

Get Ready to be Frozen by Playing Death Stranding

People are having a good time playing Death Stranding. Any player who has interacted with this game can attest to how fun it is. The graphics are breathtaking, and the control system is so functional that players have no problem operating the controls—a complete gaming masterpiece. All information about this game that every lover of gaming should know is right here. Death Stranding game is one of a kind and the best game you can ever play. Since its launch, players are full of excitement, leaving them very enthusiastic about the game. And if what the players are saying is reasonable to believe, Death Stranding is a complete package. The attractive features of this game make it easy for many people to play, and others looking forward to playing the game will have a taste of the same. Gamers worldwide can’t keep calm. There is so much attraction and attachment with the game already. Although the game is still being updated and improved daily, you can tell it has taken professionals’ minds. The graphics are very realistic because a team of experts developed them. And it seems they have vast experience and knowledge in this field, especially when it comes to video gaming.

Interesting Parts of the Game

Death Stranding is a real game that has nothing in script or automated. This game has an interactive storyline and perfect voice acting, which does not have any flaws. The most exciting thing about the game is that it was created by Hideo Kojima, known for other best games in the market, such as Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid. At times, the main character, Norman Reedus, appears in front of you, holding a machete as he tries to attack. At another point, the game is taking over those strange ways that introduce players to new aspects and features. Fans are not yet done scratching their heads ever since the official launch of the game. It is an action-adventure that is inspiring a ton of fans.

In the new game, you explore an open world that features stalkers (mutant babies grown in test tubes). These babies can use their sonar powers to see things through walls. In addition to this, Death Stranding is also the first game to feature a naked Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) on the cover. But it’s not a significant concern. Kojima insists that he is just experimenting with new ways to communicate ideas in Death Stranding. That’s why he is using different genres that include an action genre. And this has left the Kojima fans confused at the twist and genre of the game. Death Stranding should not be compared to any other existing game since it has characteristics of its own.

What is the Most Striking About this Game? What Can We Know for Sure?

A trailer shown at E3 2016 created some hype due to how pretty they put clever marketing tips in place. Norman Reedus is walking along the beach, and he discovers a naked girl on the shore. He picks up the body and then gets wrapped in an umbilical cord-like thing that comes out of nowhere. The man shouts for help, but there is no response from any living beings around him – it looks like everyone is dead. Scary? It turns out in Death Stranding; people can become zombies. All you need to do is connect with other living beings (zombies) through an umbilical cord-like thing. To destroy it, you have to destroy all the other creatures around. For sure, Hideo Kojima is a genius; it’s not easy to tell what’s going on unless you play the game.

That should not stop you, be curious to see enough to play to the end and defeat the zombies. You should that in Death Stranding; you will play a soldier named Sam Porter Bridges. He wakes up naked on an island after falling off from a helicopter during a mission. He soon finds out that he is not alone there. The quite scary revelation hits him that all the creatures around are linked to each other. Some umbilical cord-like thing that resembles a leash attaches the creatures. He then has to fight his comrades to live freely and not as a slave controlled by an alien creature named “The Voice.” It turns out there are Pregnant Sea creatures immune to the black rain that kills everyone on Earth. Also, you find a character called Del Toro who hunts Sam and another stranding survivor named Lindsay Wagner. The game allows you to jump through different periods making it more interesting.

Death Stranding is shot in a first-person mode full of actions and fictional characters. As in most of Kojima’s games, you won’t miss elements such as a ghost-like apparition that kills enemies for you in exchange for your gun. If you wish to complete the game without killing, there is an option available for you. But is a zombie game fun without committing murder? Advanced story levels will make you have a taste of putting in the fight. As the name suggests, Death Stranding is about chains of dead bodies that keep coming back alive. These strange creatures are called “Decimators,” and they look like an octopus with chains hanging from their bodies. Solving the mysteries in this game won’t be as easy as you might wish. You have to be confident and a lover of jeepers-creepers like games. Be ready to murder to get what it takes to play Death Stranding.

However, if you fear judgment day and do not commit murder, play the game without murder. But how fun it will be if you play along. Go ahead and have the will to release the desire to know better. Enjoy a long journey that’s thrilling, fun, and emotional. Keep in mind that as the title suggests, Death stranding is about deaths and more deaths. It’s a very deadly game.

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