10 Things You Didn’t Know about Georgia Grobler

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Georgia Grobler

Georgia Grobler

The new long-awaited Bravo series, “Below Deck Sailing Yacht,” has given its viewers so many teasers and sneak peek of what they should expect. The series is scheduled to premiere on Monday, 3rd February 2020. “Below Deck” is currently in its seventh season, and “Below Deck Mediterranean” had the most significant growth ratings of any television series that aired the last four years. Bravo is hoping that the new “Below Deck Sailing Yacht,” will have the best reception from their audiences. It showcases a new crew sailing on a luxurious yacht and how they attend to their guests. So what do you know about the crew member, Georgia Grobler? Below are ten things you can learn about her.

1. She plays the role of a stewardess

After high school, Georgia relocated to Thailand to teach where she got exposed to sailing vessels and yachting. She has a wide range of experience in catamarans, charters, and private yachts. She is on the show, “Below Deck Sailing Yacht,” where she is the third stewardess working on the boat, Parsifal III, that is a 180-foot long yacht. This is her first time working with a team of stews and her task is to maneuver on the ship. Let’s wait and see how the star will handle the drama that will be brought about by the crumped up space on the yacht?

2. She is an artist

The talented South African girl is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter. She has a melodious voice, and her music is sensual and a little bit sultry. Her lyrics are well written, and so far, she has a couple of singles like “Scared,” “Breathe You In,” “Vendetta,” “Ghost,” and “White Roses,” found on Spotify, apple music and YouTube. Her primary audiences are young adults, those in school hooked with the pop aspect but also adults who are attracted to old-school rock. She has worked with famous people like Christian Wright and Angus Powell when she was working on the show “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” in the south of France. John Fishlock had arranged the meeting with other publishers and songwriters for her, and that’s when she met Christian Wright, although she had previously met him in Cape Town and bought him shots for his birthday. John also arranged for her to meet Angus, and they met for the first time the day they wrote the first single for her project.

3. Her role models

She grew up listening to 90’s pop-rock’ n roll and Jazz that inspired her unique blend in music. She has idols like Elizabeth Fitzgerald and The Rolling Stone, whose style of music she incorporated in hers. Her other role models also include Billie Holiday Pink Floyd, Amy Winehouse, Louis Armstrong, The Beatles, and Billie Holiday.

4. She is an extrovert

Georgia is always open to a good time; thus, she parties like a rock star. On her Instagram, you can see her pictures drinking in a club like Tau or Kong Bar and Grill located in South Africa. Her extroverted nature is a defense mechanism for people not to see how sensitive she is.

5. She is a Philanthropist

The reality star supports women of South Africa by creating awareness for women and girls that experience sexual harassment or have been sexually assaulted, physically assaulted, or verbally abused. Georgia uses her Instagram to spread her message by using the hashtags: #enoughisenough, #sashutdown, #genderbasedviolence. She also advocates for people to avoid being people pleasers and instead be themselves regardless of the risk of being judged or rejected.

6. Georgia’s hobbies

The talented South African loves both outdoor and indoor activities. The 24-year-old started traveling at a young age. She moved to Thailand to teach but has also lived in, worked in, and explored France for a while. Her music and yacht career have also enabled her to visit lots of places. Georgia also enjoys reading non-fiction, socializing, making music, and snorkeling.

7. Her Love life

Given her good looks and personality, it is incredible that Georgia Rose Grobler is single. Her song “Scared” that she wrote is a true reflection of her love story. It is about a combination of excitement and fear that she has of falling in love fast and hard of which she did. The song was also about exposing her emotions and taking a casual relationship to the next level. She needed to know if her partner at the time was deeply in love as she was, but according to her, things did not work out. It was not a total failure because, as Georgia said, at least she got a song from it.

8. She was conned of all her savings

Georgia got a scholarship for a teaching job in Bangkok, where she curated the preschool’s curriculum but later quit. She then moved back to South Africa and was a bartender for a while before moving to Cape Town to pursue her music career. When Georgia was in Cape Town, she got conned by a person who had borrowed her money, and that’s how G lost all her savings. She went back to working at night but did not make enough money to support her career. She then left and went to work on superyachts overseas in France. That made her enough money for her to go to London and record her first EP. She sometimes still works as a bartender, hostess, and in the filming industry.

9. She never had any formal training

Georgia first got interested in singing when she played Singstar. She wasn’t that good at singing when she was in school but was better at writing songs. Her interest in music led her to join a choir back in primary school, according to a radio interview with CapeTalk. YouTube videos enable her to practice more while she taught herself to play the guitar by listening. Georgia’s piano skills are average; just enough for creating demos because back in the days, she was stubborn to learn how to read music.

10. She does not wear heels

Women will do anything to look sexy, and that usually means putting in stilettos to facilitate the swaying of hips. Georgia seems to be cut from a different cloth because she admitted to not wearing heels.

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