Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise Cast Reunites for PSA

Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise Cast Reunites for PSA

Nightmare on Elm Street

Does anyone else feel as though the PSA’s that keep coming out are getting a little preachy now? It’s easy to think that it’s best to keep to idea that we still need to take care about stepping outside and how we deal with the constant needs in our lives, but being inundated with constant reminders does make a person feel like a child that’s being told over and over to do this, don’t do that, do this some more, remember don’t do that, and so on and so forth. Using the infamous singsong from Nightmare on Elm Street is going to a new level that really pushes it though and makes it clear that Hollywood is continually finding new ways to try and fight the boredom that they’re somehow suffering from as the pandemic continues. John Squires of Bloody Disgusting had more to say about this. It’s likely you recognized at least a few faces during the PSA as those that have fallen in the years since Freddy started becoming a household name, and it’s fair if you don’t remember all of them since there were several victims throughout the long run that Freddy had, and if Robert Englund was capable of continuing forward there would be even more. But that notion has already been shot down since Englund has openly stated that he’s not going to be returning for another shot at being Freddy Krueger as he’s a little too old at this point and doesn’t feel that he could perform as well. You’ve got to hand it to the guy for being able to admit it, since a lot of actors might at least try and possibly flop after realizing that for some folks the phrase “I’m too old for this s***” is a real thing instead of just a catchphrase.

You can give the PSA this much at least, it’s an inventive use of a piece of horror lore that was meant to entertain and inform others, but the downfall is that we’ve got the point by now, even if some folks are still out there arguing that their rights are being trampled by the quarantine and that they want the freedom to go out and do what they want and they want small businesses to open up again and blah, blah, blah. It’s hard when you have a small business that’s deemed non-essential or one that absolutely needs foot traffic to survive and can’t get the business, that’s a given. But those that don’t have this issue are among those that are currently protesting their desperate need to break out of the confinement of their homes and do what they want to do regardless of the pandemic, which some people believe is being made up or over-hyped for one reason or another. There’s no shortage of buffoonery in the world today obviously and as it can be seen and heard, there are definitely people out there that shouldn’t be allowed to run or even walk with anything sharper than a brick in their hands. Likely as not, that’s who these PSA’s are for a lot of the time since they can’t follow a simple idea and can’t admit that yes, there is a pandemic on, and yes they should be thinking of others. It’s a mess to be certain, and one that isn’t going to be sorted out anytime soon.

There have been plenty of other PSA’s that have gone viral since being created and many actors have taken to this idea to inform people how best to stay safe, but one has to ask just how many times we need to hear it. I get it, those that are protesting the lock down and those that still don’t think it’s worthwhile might need to hear it over and over since they obviously ignore it like a kid ignoring their mother to come inside. Maybe at this point we should let evolution take its course and let them reap what they sow. Too dark? Unfortunately for many that might be the stark truth of it eventually since despite the fact that it is a huge inconvenience for many upon many people that we can’t do what we want anytime we want at this point, a lot of us are still hoping that eventually things will calm down enough that we can get back to our lives. The longer people continue their current course of protesting however, the longer it’s bound to be until we can actually get back to the semblance of life that we’re used to. And as a result, we’ll likely have to keep putting up with one PSA after another since until the stars go back to work they’re going to need something to do as well. So as annoying as they might be, it might be time to listen to the PSA’s so that the world can get back to its normal broadcasting day once again.

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