10 Things You Didn’t Know about Anuel AA

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Anuel AA

Anuel AA grew up surrounded by music since his father worked for Sony Music, and the family had a home studio. At 14, Anuel started recording his music and today owns a music label. However, it has not been a smooth journey, and going to prison made him think his career was over, but his manager worked tirelessly to keep him relevant. Anuel has been keeping himself busy, and on May 29, 2020, at the stroke of midnight released “Emmanuel,” his sophomore studio album to help listeners understand him better on a musical and personal level. While you can learn a bit about him from the 22 tracks, here are a few more facts that might interest you.

1. The most challenging part of being in prison

Anuel was arrested on April 3, 2016, when police found him with three guns, and 152 rounds of ammunition. After pleading guilty to the gun possession and ammunition charges, the judge sentenced him to 30 months in federal prison. While there, he could not stay out of trouble and consequently ended up spending 90 days of his sentence in solitary confinement. During these lonely times, he missed his son so much, yet he could not see him.

2. He released his first album while in prison

Being behind bars will have you rethinking your life’s direction, and the free time demands you make use of it lest you go crazy. Anuel had 30 months doing nothing hence spent his days releasing music he had previously recorded. The songs were enough to create an album, “Real Hasta La Muerte,” which he released in July 2018. By the time he got out of prison, he had already amassed a considerable fan base thanks to songs that went viral.

3. He does not write songs before recording

According to Vice, Anuel does not write his lyrics before recording. Instead, he walks into the studio and freestyles. He drew that strategy from Lil Wayne, who used to write the lyrics of his songs before 2003, but after that, he stopped. Lil Wayne started rapping whatever crept in his head and recorded it; therefore, his songs depend on whatever he is feeling the day he goes to the studio.

4. Why he recorded “Los Hombres no Lloran”

The title of the song translates to “Men Don’t Cry?” and is inspired by a time when he and his girlfriend, Karol G, had hit a rough patch in the early stages of their relationship. Anuel was going through a myriad of problems that involved controversy, threats, and rap battles. Karol G became so stressed and felt undue pressure. She told him it was time they lived their lives separately because she was not ready for Anuel’s lifestyle. Karol G then walked out, leaving Anuel with his thoughts hence the song.

5. He is a man of his word

For any relationship to succeed, it has to be built on trust, which is what happened between Anuel and his manager, Eli. After his father got fired from Sony, Anuel became rebellious and spent time in the basketball courts, where he met with Eli, a violinist. Eli then introduced Anuel to Yampi, an upcoming producer, and the three started recording music together. As they all listened to Anuel’s music in Yampi’s studio, Eli realized the unique style of the young rapper and told him he would like to become his manager. As young as they were, they made a deal that Eli would get a certain percentage of Anuel’s earnings and shook on it. Today, the agreement still holds despite not having been written on paper.

6. What he considers the worst mistake of his musical career

In 2018, Anuel released a track in which he said that Cosculluela would eventually contract AIDS, like La Taina, whose real name is Noris Diaz. Diaz, however, is a person living with HIV, not AIDS; thus, he took the lyrics as defamatory and filed a lawsuit demanding $5 million settlement for emotional and character damage. Although the judge dismissed the case, saying Anuel’s words lacked real malice and were covered under “free speech,” the rapper still cites those lyrics as the worst mistake of his career. Indeed it should be since it cost him a chance to perform at what would have been his first Puerto Rican concert.

7. He knew Karol G would be his wife from the first time they met

When he talked to Billboard, the rapper said that God willing, he and Karol G will get married before the year ends. While that is a lifelong commitment that most people are afraid to make, Anuel had already told his manager that Karol would be his wife, one day. However, they were both in relationships then, but they started talking, and Karol played hard to get. She would reply to his early morning texts late in the evening, but she eventually gave in, and we might see them exchange rings soon.

8. He has 27 tattoos

Despite having 27 tattoos on his body, Anuel does not think there are many, so maybe he plans to get more. The first one he got was of an elephant, and with his relationship blossoming, he had another on his entire back of an image of him and Karol touching tongues.

9. Why he read the bible for the first time

As he talked to Vibe, Anuel recalled the time when a prophecy was delivered to him by Hector. Hector warned him to change what he spoke about in his songs lest something ugly would happen to him. At the time, Anuel used to talk about God and the devil, and to him, rapping about good and evil made him stand out. Just like Hector had said, two weeks after the two talked, Anuel was arrested. For the first time, the rapper started reading the bible and acknowledged that his musical talents are a gift from God.

10. He has never had a stylist

Anuel is proud of where he came from; therefore, he also wants his style to reflect Puerto Rico. He describes his fashion sense as street and is obsessed with sneakers. He has a few closets full of them, and the Jordan Retro IIIs remain his favorite.

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