General Hospital: What Does Kim Know?

General Hospital: What Does Kim Know?

General Hospital: What Does Kim Know?

General Hospital fans want to know more about Kim. She’s shown up in Port Charles just about a second after Jason returned, and she claims she knows Drew even though Drew has a new face because Ava hit him with a car a few years before and he had to have a new face — and why is it that Ava is always killing people and messing up faces? — and now she’s here and knows that he is the father of her son, and things are just getting a little crazier than some fans want to admit.

She’s a shady character at best. And she’s a mess at worst. She’s got a lot on her mind, and she’s got a lot to deal with in terms of what she wants from the people in her life. She’s got to have some of the answers Jason is looking for. She seems to have some very specific details of Drew’s history for someone who doesn’t seem to have any answers.

And she’s a genius doctor. Is there a chance she might just have more to do with what happened to them than she will admit? Even if she didn’t do it of her own accord, we have a feeling she messed with the brains and minds of these two men to get them to do what was wanted from them. And there is nothing they can do about finding it out until she is ready to open up. But she’s afraid.

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