10 Things You Didn’t Know about Franklin Boone

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Franklin Boone

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Franklin Boone

It’s been a few weeks since American Idol came back to television, but we are just sitting here wondering if there is anything lovelier than the sound of Franklin Boone’s soulful voice. It takes us back to years before most of us were ever born. It sends us back in time the instant he opens his mouth, and he’s someone we want to get to know more about. His soulful ways make us want more and more of him, and we just hope he makes it far. We wouldn’t mind hearing his voice on the radio more often, and that’s just how we feel. What about you?

1. He’s From North Carolina

He comes from Durham, which is a smaller town that is proud of this guy. He is a man who does a lot for his community through his church and his music. He performs locally anywhere they will let him play his guitar and show off his talents, and we can bet that this is a community in which they will absolutely stand behind him and make sure that he is supported and loved from day one.

2. He’s a little Bit of Everything

There is just now way you can squeeze this man into any specific genre. He’s a man who doesn’t have to do much other than open his mouth for you to hear his talent, but he cannot be boxed into one single genre. He’s a little of all of it. He’s got some indie in him. He’s got some country, some rock, some of everything else. There’s nothing that he cannot do, and that is one of those things that we appreciate and love about him the most.

3. He’s Got an Album Already

The year was 2018. The name was Hide Behind Me. The deal was an album. It’s not just a one-sound album, either. Each one of his songs shows off a different one of his unique talents, and each one is something he is proud of. He’s worked hard to make sure he is able to focus on his music and bring something special to each of the songs he’s written and recorded, and he is clearly doing that.

4. He’s Taken, Ladies

It’s a hard pill to swallow when you fall for a voice like that one, but he’s a married man, and he’s also a dad. We don’t know that much about his family other than that he and his wife have a very young daughter, who is only about a year old. This is a big deal to them, and we know that they are his biggest and number one fans.

5. He’s A Minister

He is a man who wants to be a singer so much that he’s already released his own album, but he’s not just doing one thing he loves. He’s doing a few things he loves. His other love includes ministering at his local church. He is a worship minister, which means he spends a lot of time at church working on things that will bring life and light and love to others, and he is there for those who need them when he needs them. His father is clearly important tot him, and that makes us love him even more.

6. He’s an Educated Man

When he was done with high school, he made the decision to continue with his education. It’s not a decision that is for everyone, but it is one that is for him. He went to East Carolina University, and he graduated with his degree in Cultural Anthropology. He is a man who values education over so many things in his life, and it shows. He’s well-spoken, well-rounded, and clearly intelligent. He knows what he wants, and he’s not afraid to go after it.

7. His Fans Love Him

They often describe him as being soulful, but they also say that his music is nothing short of entirely uplifting. What a compliment. If you can be anything in life, don’t you want to be someone who is uplifting and good and helps other people feel good about themselves? Don’t you want to be the kind of person who does the right thing, who makes the right choices, and who is going to help others by doing nothing more than what you love? That’s the kind of person I think we all aspire to be.

8. His Daughter Loves to Sing, Too

He’s got a talented daughter. She might only be one, but she loves to sing, and he loves to show her off when she’s doing that. His Instagram feed is filled with sweet videos of his little girl, but he’s got one of her singing with him that might be the cutest thing we’ve seen all day long. She’s a doll, and we can see why he’s so proud of her and so happy to be her father (like all dads, of course).

9. He is a Proud Dad

There are a few things you1 can tell about a person based on their social media presence, and one of those things is how good they are at being real. He is clearly good at this, and there is one thing that jumps out at us above all else. Even though his page is a music page and not a personal one, per se, it’s filled with photos and videos of his little girl, which tells us that he is nothing short of a wonderful father to this little one.

10. He’s Got a Touch of Worship to his Music

Not only is his singing songs that make him feel good and that he created from his heart, he’s also singing some worship songs. This makes sense being that he is the man who leads the musicians in his church to create some amazing sounds at service, but he is able to do it in a way that doesn’t make it feel like traditional worship music, and that is one reason his fans love him so.

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