10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bhumi Pednekar

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bhumi Pednekar

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bhumi Pednekar

She’s young and gorgeous and always making people fall for her when she’s working. She has an immense talent that leaves every one of her fans wanting more, and we feel that. She’s Bhumi Pednekar, and she’s an Indian actress who has made a big name for herself. The problem, however, is that many of us in the US don’t know her as well as we might like. We haven’t seen as much of her in the press as those in her home country, and we all just want to learn more about her. Who is she and what is she like? Well, we figured it was time to find out.

1. She’s in Her 30s

She’s in her 30s, but only just so. She is 31 as of 2020. Her date of birth is July 18, 1989. She just made it into the 80s to officially call herself a child of the 80s (the best decade to get to grow up in, if you ask us), though she doesn’t have any memories of that time.

2. She Worked Her Way Up

She did not get to start her career as an actress by chance. She had a job working as an assistant casting director for well over six years first. She worked hard at her job, and that’s when she was able to learn and to perfect her own skills, and she was able to move up and on and into the movies instead of being the person sitting behind a table picking the people who get to be in them.

3. She Was Born in Bombay

It’s no longer called Bombay, however. It’s modern Mumbai. She was born there and raised there, and she lived with her working parents throughout her childhood. Her mother was an activist against tobacco, and her father was a home and labor minister in their country.

4. She Was Expelled from School

When she was a teen, she wanted to go to acting school. This was a big deal for her, and her parents knew she wanted it. They took out a loan and sent her to school at the Whistling Woods International school to study acting and all that good stuff, but she didn’t go to school very often. We don’t know why, but she just didn’t show up much. They finally decided that her attendance was so poor that she could not come back to school. She left her parents with an educational loan after being expelled, and no degree and she had to pay them back by getting a job.

5. She’s Very Vocal

She is not a woman comfortable with sitting back and allowing people to do things that she’s not a believer in. She doesn’t make it a big deal, but she does make big changes. She’s made it her mission in life to stop people from contributing to global warming. She’s got a big opinion on the gender pay gap. She starts initiatives and makes changes, and she does things that are good for the world.

6. She Doesn’t Starve Herself

Many women in her line of work will do just that. They will stop eating, starve themselves, and they will do anything it takes to be thin and pretty, and whatever they feel is right. It’s a hard world in which to live, but Bhumi Pednekar doesn’t bother with that. She has no interest in starving herself for a role, so she simply does not do it.

7. She’s Making Lifestyle Changes

While she might not be interested in starving herself and doing anything that will take a toll on her body to get rid of a few extra pounds, she’s willing to go for a lifestyle change that’s healthy and long-lasting. Instead of starving herself, she decided to eat better, work out more often, and simply take care of herself as a person rather than as a starving artist. It’s working for her, and she’s feeling so good about herself inside and out.

8. She Had to Talk Herself Out of Pandemic Frustration

When the world shut down in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was like most people; annoyed that all of her fun plans were canceled. She had a fun summer planned, and she had to remind herself that she’s safe and okay and with her family and that she has to get over that stuff. She did, but she had to talk herself into being happy rather than mad. Same, girl.

9. She’s Got New Purpose

She really did focus on some healthier things when she was in lockdown in 2020. She started spending more time working on conserving the planet Earth. This time focusing on something so important to her and to the world has given her what she feels is a ‘new purpose,’ and she’s not mad about it.

10. She’s Private

She’s a public figure with a huge personality, but she’s not sharing too much of her personal life. She’s aware that being an actress means more of her life than she might be comfortable with is going to be shared on television and in the press, but she doesn’t have to be the reason everyone knows everything about her.

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