Florence Pugh Beat out Emma Watson for Black Widow Role

Florence Pugh Beat out Emma Watson for Black Widow Role

Florence Pugh Beat out Emma Watson for Black Widow Role

News like this does make a person wonder how Emma Watson would really come off in the MCU since she’s a talented actress, but switching brands does make a big difference when it comes to acting style and how a person can handle themselves in a new universe that they’re not used to. Some might say that it’s all about the actor and not about the environment they’re in, but it’s likely that this is taken on a case by case basis since some folks can adapt to pretty much anything, while others have a serious problem trying to adapt to different situations and environments that they’re not comfortable in or don’t know enough about. For Emma Watson, it might not have been an issue, but that will have to be something that’s discussed at a later date since Florence Pugh did manage to snag the part of Yelena Belova as she was selected for this role by those in charge thanks to her performance in Fighting With My Family, the WWE biopic featuring the rise of the young diva known as Paige. 

The funny thing here is that between the two actresses there’s a lot of experience already and there’s a good deal of talent that could have been picked up with Watson, but Pugh’s background and recent work apparently won over those that needed convincing of how well she might pair with Scarlett Johansson, and it paid off. From her athletic ability to her snappy comebacks and her sense of humor, Pugh has turned into the kind of individual that definitely has a place in the MCU thanks to the combination of talents she brings with her. As for Watson, it would appear that from what audiences have seen thus far, she’s a talented actress and capable of firing off her own witticisms, but there is a big difference between what worked in Harry Potter and various other movies as opposed to what works in the MCU. 

There’s nothing saying that Watson couldn’t stake her own place in the MCU at one point, but when it comes to an adopted sibling that was raised to endure the same training that Black Widow did, Florence Pugh brings Yelena to life in a way that’s hard to match since she’s the perfect blend of deadly skill and sarcastic wit that makes her easy to like in the Black Widow movie. How she’s going to come off in the Hawkeye series has yet to be seen, but given that there’s plenty of attitude to go around already, it’s fair to think that Yelena will be a welcome addition to the show, and hopefully to the MCU overall since she’s already become a favorite among many fans given how she performed in her first appearance. How long she’ll last is anyone’s guess since stars kind of come and go in the MCU from time to time and it’s understood that some of them don’t want to be tied down too long since there’s a good chance that they might find themselves stuck for a while and could possibly miss out on other opportunities. 

As of now though, Yelena’s eventual collision with Clint is something that many fans are anticipating in a big way, though since this could involve Kate Bishop as well it’s fair to say that there’s the hope for a big fight scene that might be headed to the screen that will be nothing short of impressive since Clint has already taken on Natasha on screen, even if he was brainwashed at the time. It might be interesting to see what he can do when he’s not under the control of another person, though it might be different simply due to the fact that he’ll probably be fighting with more restraint since he’s not exactly a cold-blooded killer. Plus, during their second fight in Civil War, Clint was obviously holding back since he didn’t want to hurt his friend. Given the information that Yelena has received though, it’s fair to think that she might not be willing to hold back since she’s been told that Clint is the reason why her sister is dead, meaning that she’s bound to come with as much lethal force as she needs to in order to put him down. 

Just to say it again, it might be interesting to see Emma Watson in the MCU one day, but her character might have to be someone a little different from that of Yelena since her style and Florence’s tend to be quite a bit different, which is why Florence became such a great choice for the part of Yelena. For the time being though, it’s going to be fun to see more of Florence in the MCU and it will be interesting to see how she and Hawkeye meet. 

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