Five Things You Didn’t Know about Sorority Noise

Sorority Noise really seems like one of the many bands that you might have be in the know to actually recognize since they’re popular among a certain crowd. They have a great sound as a rock band and have obviously hit their stride in the past but it’s still enough to say that they didn’t quite manage to go mainstream enough that they were being featured in ways that would get them worldwide attention. Still, the act of being signed to a label and establishing a fan base is awesome enough that it’s worth attention.

Being famous is more than just having your face plastered everywhere after all.

5. They started up in 2013.

They haven’t been around all that long so it could be that they were just getting ready to get really big when things started to turn into a downward spiral. More on that in a second, but really five years is and isn’t a whole lot of time for a band that’s just coming into their own. It is because if they were a great enough sound they’d already be known the world over. It isn’t since with some bands it takes time for them to really get noticed the millions of people.

4. The members came from other bands.

This isn’t all that uncommon since a lot of bands have been pieced together with those that have played for other groups. Being discovered by a band is one thing but being experienced and then invited to play with a band that’s trying to get established is something else entirely. Every member of this band had experience elsewhere before coming together as a cohesive unit.

3. They’re currently on hiatus.

At the moment there’s no telling if they’ll be coming back since the reason they’re on hiatus, which will be revealed below, is something that could ruin them, or at least one of them if they’re not lucky. Bands that go on hiatus are usually able to come back for at least one outing or more, but once they reach this stage it’s very hard to mount a comeback unless people want them back that badly that they’ll do just about anything for them.

2. They’re from Hartford, Connecticut.

This just seemed liked an interesting fact to put in since there are quite a few bands that are from Connecticut. Most of them are attached to certain fan base like Sorority Noise, but they’ve all experienced some level of success that has allowed them to continue to push their music forward and please their fans.

1. They had to cancel the rest of their current tour.

The reason for this is the same reason that they’re on hiatus right now. Their frontman, Cameron Boucher, was recently accused of raping a woman in 2013. He’s refuted the allegations but the band felt it necessary to deal with this matter and has thus canceled the rest of its current tour and gone on hiatus to try and sort out the problem.

Hopefully they can mount a comeback eventually.

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