Five Things You Didn’t Know about Nitro Circus

Nitro Circus is a one of a kind company that delivers mind-blowing entertainment for risk takers and daredevils. The sports entertainment company does this in a bid to foster friendship, camaraderie, and fun. A company that has risen to global popularity started out in humble beginnings in 2003 in Utah. Its founders are Gregg Godfrey, Jeremy Rawle, and Travis Pastrana who is an action sports superstar. The trio started out by making DVDs in their garage which were an instant hit. All their productions are known to leave burning impressions on their viewers.

Their first authentic DVD features Travis and his crew of shocking pals who skilfully perform ridiculous stunts on a range of contraptions. MTV partnered with Nitro Circus in 2009 to come up with a hot new TV series. Here are little-known facts that you may want to uncover about the company.

Bigger is always Better According to Pastrana

Travis believes that in the sport, the more significant a show is, the better for everyone. The stunt performer is willing to go above and beyond to make impressive performances that will engrave in the minds of their fans and “haters” as well. Although they usually perform for small and medium-size events, their hearts are usually in the more prominent show which bright about a lot of excitement. They feel as though these give them the platform they need to deliver to the best of their capacities without any limitations.

They Borrow Bikes

The team has three touring setup that allows them to travel across the globe with their rigs and gear. One they utilize for demos and smaller shows. They also have plans for the venues with roofs offering specific heights. They also have set up for massive events. Team members pack their gear into a container and ship it to the location where they need it. However, in regards to motorbikes, they usually borrow them but bring their handlebars, suspensions, and plastics.

Bikes are part of Travis’s DNA

There is a possibility that if you were to test Pastrana’s blood, there would be bike components into it. Onto more serious note it is true that Travis eats, and breathes everything to do with bikes. He is one of the few sportsmen whose job involves going backflips on a motorcycle while soaring in the air.

His resume is quite impressive because he competes in several bike events such as:

  • Freestyle Motocross
  • Supercross
  • Motocross
  • Rally racing
  • NASCAR camping world truck series

You may like to know that he drives the Chevrolet Silverado like a real star. Travis is married to Lyn-Z a pro-skateboarder, and together they have two children.

Getting Travel Insurance is Not Easy

Not many insurance companies want to touch Nitro Circus. It is because employees engage in very high jobs. Studies reveal that England and US are the toughest. There are times where they will refuse to cover certain stunts. Various countries, however, have different rules.

The founders of the company say that countries like New Zealand are more relaxed. It is why it was possible to organize a show featuring massive fireworks. It was a memorable performance because it was too crazy and some enthusiasts who were in attendance did not go home with their shirts. Volunteers are usually called up to the stage, and it is not entirely a good idea to be part of the “madness.”

South Africa is a Favorite Performance Spot

The team always finds a way to fly to South Africa, and they confirm that it is one of the best places for their performances. 2017 touring seasons will close with three shows one that will be down south and the other two in Australia. Challenging grounds and possibilities of huge shows are among the reasons they love the African country. There will be doing their stunts in the country for the second time. They were there in 2014 and had a very successful show. The crowds in the country are also massive giving them the motivation and psyche to outdo themselves.

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