Five Things You Didn’t Know About New BET Show “In Contempt”

Five Things You Didn’t Know About New BET Show “In Contempt”

Five Things You Didn’t Know About New BET Show “In Contempt”

The days of “Law & Order” have come and gone, and high time that something substantial replaced it. Several years later, we’re finally getting something that might come close. BET’s latest show, “In Contempt,” is showing tons of promise. Everything about it sounds good so far–the premise, the actors, the stories. “In Contempt” looks like it has a long road ahead of it, and before it gets bigger than itself, here are 5 things you should know about it.

First lead role

The last time we saw Erica Ash, she was killing it as the hilarious M-Chuck on “Survivor’s Remorse.” Her role in “In Contempt” is a huge departure from her last role, which is good considering this is her first lead role ever. This talented actress is playing the role of Gwen Sullivan, an attorney fighting her way through the justice system, defending the indefensible. We’ve seen Ash in many different roles before, and we have to say that seeing her in the courtroom fits her the best.

Public defenders

The show is all about public defenders. While there may be a lot of procedurals out there, there are really not many that put the spotlight on public defenders. Public defenders get the brunt end of the legal system, and they surely don’t get paid enough for it. This show will highlight the kind of work they get into, as well as the variety of the typical clients’ lives. The show is also hopeful that it will shed light on the underappreciated roles of public defenders in the legal defense system.

Terri Kropp

If you’ve never heard of Terri Kropp, you probably don’t read a lot of end credits. Kropp is a producer and writer, whose works have included “Law & Order,” “Justice,” and “Rebel.” Kropp writes “In Contempt”, and the show is largely based on her personal experiences in the courtroom. Before she started writing for television, Kropp was a public defender for 3.5 years. Whether her protagonist Gwen Sullivan is based on her life or someone else’s from her past is unclear at this point. But let it be known that Kropp is the secret weapon of “In Contempt.”

Richard Lawson

Here’s another name thrown at you just because. The fact that Lawson is in the show makes it worth watching already. Richard Lawson is obviously the TV veteran among the entire cast. Lawson has been on TV since the early 70s, and he actually has over 100 appearances and acting credits to his name. Lawson plays Gwen Sullivan’s father, Earl Sullivan, in the show, which pretty much makes Erica/Gwen Beyoncé’s sister. Okay, not really, but it’s always a nice thought.

Educational show

It might be too much of a stretch to say that we really learn substantial things from TV shows. It’s not like we become more medically acquainted after watching medical TV shows or become law experts after watching enough courtroom scenes. It’s not like that. However, “In Contempt” does aim to educate people more about how the legal system works for a large group of the population that can’t afford the cost of private firms. That’s the majority of us there.

*it appears  that BET’s “In Contempt” is premised or inspired by the life of an AfrAm, female public defender from the stare of Georgia and that Viacom, who owns BET is facing litigation and has hired Davis, Wright Tremaine, LLP to represent them and Terri Kopp is represented by Eric Suddleston.

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