Five Things You Didn’t Know About Katherine Langford

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Katherine Langford

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Katherine Langford

13 Reasons Why quickly became one of the most moving and controversial productions in recent history. While many have debated the message it was delivering, one cannot argue that the performances from its cast were not incredible. Led by the outstanding Katherine Langford, it is no surprise that the show took off as it did.

Langford received universal acclaim from critics and fans alike for her performance as Hannah Baker in the series. The character is set to appear in the show’s upcoming second season. As the role is Langford’s first high profile production, many fans are yearning to know more about who she is in reality. Here are five of the most interesting facts about the highly talented emerging star Katherine Langford.

5. She has experienced rejection

After witnessing her incredible performances on 13 Reasons Why, one might wonder who would ever turn Langford down. However, she experienced a great deal of rejection after graduating high school. In fact, every acting school she sent an application to rejected her, citing her minimal experience. These schools are almost certainly kicking themselves now, given her amazing breakout success.

4. She is Australian but acts with perfect American accent

With her perfect performance in 13 Reasons Why, fans will be shocked to learn that Langford is not actually American. She was born and raised in Perth, Australia. She has done extensive vocal training in order to be able to portray American actors, as she started taking lessons in 2005. She has also trained in classical, jazz, and contemporary in order to round out her vocal skills.

3. She is passionate about music

While fans may assume that Langford is completely wrapped up in the acting world, she is actually very passionate about music. In fact, music is arguably the reason for her success as a performer. When she was only 16, she went to a Lady Gaga concert. It was this concert which drove her to start learning how to play piano and start performing. Interestingly, she actually taught herself how to play the instrument.

2. She is a gifted athlete

It may be hard to believe that one individual can have so much talent, but Langford is an accomplished athlete. In addition to being a successful actor and talented musician, she was nationally ranked as a swimmer while in high school. She swam for the prestigious Perth Modern School, a school for gifted students.

1. She cares deeply about mental health

Given the subject matter of 13 Reasons Why, it is no surprise that mental health is one of Langford’s primary interests. While many are not pleased with the way the show handled the subject of teen suicide, Langford made sure to educate herself about the issue. She spoke to representatives from “It’s On Us,” a campaign promoting awareness of sexual assault, as well as consulting with a psychiatrist.

Interestingly, she has been interested in mental health since before being cast on the show. She wrote an anti-suicide song in 2013 called “Young and Stupid.”


Katherine Langford has emerged as one of the most promising, talented, and hard working performers in Hollywood. In addition to her acting abilities, she is a talented musician and accomplished swimmer. As well, she is an individual who is willing to invest in research and training to provide the best possible performance. As she is set to return in the second season of 13 Reasons Why, fans can look forward to many more incredible performances from this astounding talent.

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