Five Things You didn’t Know about Gemma Collins

Five Things You didn’t Know about Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins is a British TV star that has appeared on The Only Way Is Essex and has seemingly come to fame for not much more than this show and a few other appearances. There’s not a lot on her at this point and to be honest she seems like the type of star that might think she’s a little more popular than she actually is. That’s an opinion at the moment that seems to be gaining some popularity but it remains to be seen just how far Gemma is going to go and whether or not her incident at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards will become yet another chance for her to be famous in a different way.

5. There’s a rumor that she might sue the BBC.

During her fall onstage at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards she fell feet first through a trap door onstage and was said to have suffered only minor injuries. Only a short time later she was seen sporting her usual tan and walking about without a problem. The whispers that she might sue the BBC seem real enough but given that she wasn’t hurt there doesn’t seem to be any grounds to really go that far with it.

4. She’s struggled with weight loss for years.

Gemma has been very vocal about this and has had many public appearances to speak out on this issue. She’s attempted many times to control her weight but has stayed at the relatively moderate weight that she’s at now for some time. I wasn’t aware that this was a concern in England but I know for a fact that it’s a huge concern in America.

3. She attended theater school as a child. 

She’s been around the acting industry for a while apparently but has only ever gotten a few roles here and there as she’s grown older and has had limited success with a lot of them. She has managed to create a name for herself and has been recognized more than a few times in her native country, but as far as a lot of the US is concerned she’s still an unknown.

2. She withdrew from a show she’d been cast in.

The show was titled I’m A Celebrity….Get Me Out of Here!, and during a segment in which she had to parachute into a jungle setting along with her fellow cast members Gemma opted out. She made it to the jungle but only spent about two and a half days before quitting the show, which left her open to a great deal of ridicule and scorn from fans.

1. She’s a bestselling author. 

I’ll admit a little frustration on reading this factoid about her. I don’t happen to believe that celebrities are dumb as a rule, but upon hearing a lot of them speak and actually give voice to their ideas it makes me wonder just how they manage to get so many ideas on the page, let alone hundreds of them, and then make it to a bestseller list with such ease when so many other authors with great ideas have to scrape and struggle just to get noticed. Now that that’s out, I have only two more words, ghost writer. Seriously I’m not trying to be mean, it’s just a puzzler to me is all.

So maybe there’s more to Gemma Collins than anyone realizes?

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