Five Things You Didn’t Know about Comedy Central’s “Idiotsitter”

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Comedy Central’s “Idiotsitter”

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Comedy Central’s “Idiotsitter”

Idiotsitter is an American sitcom on Comedy Central. Like its name suggests, it is focused on a woman who has accepted a position as a combination of a teacher and a supervisor to a full-grown delinquent who has been described by the show-makers as a “woman-child.” So far, Idiotsitter is on its second season of seven episodes, which is being released in two parts on June 10 and June 17.

Here are five things that you may or may not have known about Idiotsitter:


Idiotsitter is the creation of Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse, who are also playing the sitcom’s two main characters. In brief, Jillian Bell plays Genevieve “Gene” Russell, the “woman-child” in need of a combination of a teacher and supervisor watching over her. Meanwhile, Charlotte Newhouse plays Wilhelmina “Billie” Brown, the woman in need of cash who was fooled into becoming that combination of a teacher and supervisor under the pretense that her employer needed a nanny.

Started Out as a Web Series

Initially, Idiotsitter started out as a web series that ran on CC: Studios, which is Comedy Central’s in-house platform for such content. In total, the web series ran from six episodes that premiered in February and March of 2014, which met with such a positive reception that Comedy Central decided to take a chance on it. As a result, Idiotsitter got its first season of ten episodes, which in turn, was enough to convince Comedy Channel to renew it for a second season of seven episodes.

Co-Creators Met Through Groundlings

The two co-creators met through The Groundlings. For those who are unfamiliar with the name, The Groundlings is a troupe as well as a school that can be found in Los Angeles. It specializes in improvisational theatre as well as sketch comedy, which have left lasting effects on both Bell and Newhouse’s particular styles of comedy. Finally, it is interesting to note that The Groundlings comes from a well-known line from Act III, Scene II Hamlet.

Both Co-Creators Have Sustained Injuries

In one interview, the co-creators were asked about whether they had ever been injured because of the physical nature of the comedy on Idiotsitter. As it turned out, both of them had broken their toe at one point or another, which was all the more unfortunate because in Newhouse’s case, said incident happened right after one of the stunt people had explained how to fall in the right manner. Fortunately, the co-creators’ shared sense of humor has enabled them to make the most of said incidents by turning them into a chance to crack jokes about themselves.

Gene and Billie Are Based on Both of Them

Bell and Newhouse came up with the premise of their sitcom before coming up with the main characters through a process of improvisation. It is interesting to note that the end results are based on both of them. To be exact, they have stated that both Gene and Billie are 50-50 combinations of both of their characteristics, though they have also drawn inspiration from other people in their lives. For example, Newhouse actually told a story about how her cousin Gina’s roommate actually asked Gina if Gene was based on her or not.


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