Five Things you Didn’t Know about Caleb McLaughlin

Five Things you Didn’t Know about Caleb McLaughlin

The Netflix original series Stranger Things has revived the career of Winona Ryder, solidified the Duffer brothers as talented writers and directors, and propelled the careers of its child cast to stardom. One of those child actors experiencing a boost in notoriety due to the success of Stranger Things is Caleb McLaughlin.

The 15 year old actor who portrays Lucas Sinclair on the  show is building a solid foundation off of his early success. However, he’s a new star, so there’s a lot that people don’t know about him. Here’s an introduction to who this young actor is.

Check out these five things you don’t know about Caleb McLaughlin.

He got his start on Broadway

Like many actors, Caleb began his career on stage. Unlike most actors that start their careers on Broadway though, Caleb began with the coveted role of Young Simba in The Lion King Musical. A role he held for two years between 2014 and 2014.

He’s a self professed ladies man

At 15 years old, with a burgeoning career, and the fame to back it up, I can’t blame him. Caleb made this proclamation during an interview with The Huffington Post. He was asked about his preparation for the role of Ricky Bell on the BET produced biopic-miniseries “The New Edition Story.” Here’s what Caleb had to say:

“I sing and I dance, but he’s a ladies man, and I’m a ladies man too, but I’m not as slick and smooth as he is. But I became to be more slick and smooth as he is by learning the character.”

I’m not sure if Caleb is as much of a ladies man as Ricky Bell, but I know that he did an outstanding job in the role. Undoubtedly his performance helped propel the New Edition Story to its current ranking of BET’s most watched premiere since 2012, pulling in over 4 million viewers.

His favorite part of filming Stranger Things is being in the 80’s

At only 15 years old, the 80’s were before Caleb’s time, and he says that that’s a part of the fun of filming Stranger things. In an interview with when asked” What was your favorite part about filming the show?” he replied:

“Just being in the 80s and getting to experience new things!”

He goes on to say that there was so much stuff he didn’t know. The show’s producers recommended that all the child actors of Stranger Things watch The Goonies, E.T., and Stand by Me to get a feel for the period. I was born in the  80’s, so I can’t deny his acknowledgment of its awesomeness.

He’s a germaphobe.

He revealed this in the same interview with All I have to say is, me too Caleb…me too…

At such a young age he’s already achieved his dream role

What was his dream role? To play Young Simba! Being that he was only 11 when he landed the role I can only imagine how excited he was. Not many 11 year olds want to work, but I would bet if the did playing one of the characters from their favorite TV shows and movies would be their dream job.


I really like this kid and think he has a lot to offer the film industry. With a recent confirmation that he will be back for season 2 of Stranger Things we will be seeing a lot more of him soon.

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