Five Things You Didn’t Know About Billy Bretherton

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Billy Bretherton

For people who can’t recall the name Billy Bretherton, they might be more familiar with him as Billy the Exterminator, which was also the name of an American reality TV show that aired on A&E. Like the name suggests, Bretherton is an exterminator who used to serve the Shreveport-Bossier metropolitan area as the proprietor of Vexcon Animal and Pest Control in Benton, LA but has since moved up north for personal reasons. However, that has not made him less interesting to reality TV show viewers, as shown by the fact that there is now a seventh season of Billy the Exterminator airing in the United States.

Here are five things that you may or may not have known about Billy Bretherton:

Used to Be In the Air Force

Bretherton used to be a member of the United States Air Force. To be exact, he used to be a senior airman, which is the fourth enlisted rank situated between airman first class and staff sergeant. It is interesting to note that senior airmen are not just expected to be technically proficient but also expected to start developing leadership skills, which is why they are sometimes entrusted with the responsibility of supervising airmen of lesser rank.

Appeared On TV Before He Got His Show

Before Bretherton got his reality TV show on A&E, he had appeared in both “Vexcon” and “Termite Controller,” which were episodes of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel. There, he managed to capture a fair amount of attention for his stand-out fashion sense, which combines black leather with silver jewelery as well as steel spikes and studs. Something that provided him with a real boost when the time came to find someone to pick up his reality TV show.

Became Allergic to Bee and Wasp Stings

As strange as it sounds, it is possible for people to become allergic to bee and wasp stings after being stung. This is what happened to Bretherton, which is rather unfortunate considering his choice of profession. With that said, there is a claim that his allergies to bee and wasp stings have subsided with time, which is good news.

Arrested On Drug Charges

In 2012, Bretherton was arrested along with his wife, Mary, when police arrived at their hotel room after receiving a hang-up call to 911. They found the two to be in possession of copious amounts of synthetic marijuana as well as devices used to smoke narcotics, which was followed by them surrendering to the authorities. However, Bretherton was able to strike a plea bargain, meaning that he didn’t have to spend time in jail so long as he paid a $500 fine, completed four eight-hour days of community service, and followed a couple of other conditions related to drugs and alcohol.

Has a New Show

Bretherton has managed to bounce back for his arrest after having had time to put his issues behind him. This can be seen in how he is now the star of a new reality TV show called Billy Goes North, which is airing on the Canadian cable channel CMT. In the United States, this is now airing as the seventh season of Billy the Exterminator, which is something that came as welcome news to his fans.

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