Five Things You Didn’t Know About Allison Tolman

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Allison Tolman

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Allison Tolman

For most actors, landing a highly successful part comes after years of struggling to get by and taking any small role that is available. For a lucky few, however, a combination of timing, talent, and the right role allow an actor to jump right into the spotlight of a major production. While these instances are rare, they can allow fans to see an actor grow and develop as they adjust to the fame that comes with high profile roles.

One such burgeoning star is Allison Tolman, one of the stars of the highly acclaimed Fargo. This role catapulted Tolman into the public consciousness, and she shortly afterward began finding roles in film and television. As she has only recently begun to see the popularity that comes with being a popular actor, many fans still know her only for her on-screen performances. With upcoming roles in The House, a film starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler, and Downward Dog, a show that Tolman will star in, many fans might wonder who she is as a person.

Here are five of the most interesting facts about this emerging star.

5. Her short career has seen great critical acclaim

While Tolman has only acted professionally for the past several years, she has already achieved the type of critical success that seasoned actors strive to achieve. For her role as Molly in Fargo, Tolman earned a Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2014. As well, she was nominated for a Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy. Her subsequent success is no surprise when one considers how beloved her first major role was among fans and critics alike.

4. Allison Tolman Net Worth

While Tolman’s career is still in its infancy, nearly every production she has appeared in has been high profile. As such, she has managed to earn a respectable income in a very short span of time. Her net worth in 2017 is estimated to be approximately $3 million. This impressive sum has been earned both through appearances in television and movies. With several notable productions in her career’s future, her net worth will almost certainly continue to rise.

3. She helped found a theater

Often, an actor’s success is measured by the number of notable roles they land and the money that they earn. However, some actors also believe that success means helping the industry grow and providing opportunities for others in the field. This is true of Tolman, an actor who helped found an ensemble-based theater.

After graduating from university, Tolman was instrumental in the founding of Second Thought Theater. In addition to being one of the original ensemble cast members, she has returned to assist the theater in fundraising and recognizing those who have helped the theater become such a great success.

2. She is highly educated

Although Tolman has only acted professionally since 2006, she has worked on her craft for nearly her entire life. At age 10, she began taking acting classes at Fort Bend Community Theater. She would go on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatrical performance from Baylor University. Clearly, the many years she spent perfecting her ability to act has paid dividends in her career so far.

1. Her role in Fargo was somewhat of a surprise 

As stated above, Tolman’s career did not follow a normal trajectory. Instead of landing many smaller parts before breaking out with a high profile role, Tolman simply emerged as a star overnight. While living in Chicago and working a normal job, Tolman sent in a taped audition for Fargo. She has stated that she did not seriously believe herself to be a contender, and even forgot about the role.

Surprisingly, she was contacted shortly afterward to come to New York for testing. Five days after this, she was informed that she had landed the role that would change her life. While it may be no surprise to her fans today that she earned the role, it must have been very surprising for her to be cast in such a major production as a largely unknown commodity.

Final Thoughts

Allison Tolman is proof of the fact that talent and hard work can produce a highly successful career in entertainment even without prior experience or connections. Her remarkable performances in films and shows have earned her both great critical acclaim and significant wealth. An individual who cares deeply about the industry in which she works, Tolman is a perfect example for aspiring actors. With talent, hard work, and good character, great success can be achieved even in a competitive industry like acting.

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