Five Suggestions to Make Scream 5 Watchable

Five Suggestions to Make Scream 5 Watchable

Five Suggestions to Make Scream 5 Watchable

Trying to say how much another Scream sequel sounds like such a horrible idea has been done by a scant few people that somehow hold out against the idea that this franchise should have moved past the third movie when Sidney found out she had a half-brother. After that, the fourth movie was just too much, and a fifth is already leaving some people wondering ‘who in the world is going to be the killer now?’ since Sidney has either helped kill them all or has killed them all. There have been several wild theories that have come along since Scream was created by Wes Craven, but the fact that it’s lasted this long is proof that people will pay for just about anything that they find even halfway entertaining. Hey, I’m guilty of it too, so condemning one movie over another isn’t the wisest idea, but in this case, it’s becoming a story that is being stretched and pulled like a sheet of taffy to see just how thin it can go before it’s about to break. And if anyone has another analogy to bring up then it might be useful at this time. Right now, there are only a few things that could make Scream 5 a little easier to watch.

Here are five ideas that could make Scream 5 enjoyable.

5. Billy’s family has a vendetta against Sidney.

This doesn’t feel likely to happen since Billy and his mother are both dead, and it would appear that the rest of his family might just want to exist under the radar at this point. But what if Billy’s father finally decided to take it personally that Sidney killed his son, even after all that Billy had done? What if he was messed up just enough to start taking out his aggression on the woman that had killed his boy so long ago? Again, this feels like the most unlikely of scenarios, but it would be kind of interesting to finally hear from Billy’s father in a definitive way since it could shed a bit of light on another character in Woodsboro.

4. Bring Stu back somehow.

This is another scenario that probably can’t happen since as it was seen in the first movie, Stu had a TV dropped on his face and was likely electrocuted or simply succumbed to the damage he’d already taken. Matthew Lillard is apparently willing to come back if he was ever given the chance it sounds like, but how he would be integrated into the story would be kind of difficult to see since a lot of fans might not appreciate an actor being recycled into the franchise like it’s an episode of Law & Order. It might be kind of cool to see that Stu survived somehow, but he would have been locked up for a while at this point.

3. Randy isn’t dead and was the mastermind behind it all.

How crazy would people go for this idea? It’s already been mentioned as a theory since it does have the advantage of being kind of devious and even unexpected, especially since it would have been perpetrated by a man that not only loved Sidney with a passion, but knows enough about movies to understand how to get to people in the best way. It would show that Randy was the ultimate suspect that was standing in the wings at times and right in plain sight at others, directing everyone as he needed in order to create one of the greatest scams ever. After all, how did Roman really find out about Sidney’s mother?

2. Dewey becomes the killer.

Notice I didn’t say ‘was’ the killer, since Dewey developed a very telltale limp in the movies at one point, but of course that could be faked as well since a good killer knows how to work around limitations and, at times, can pull off the best scams possible in order to get people to lower their guard. But if Dewey did become the killer it would indicate that he was tired of being taken advantage of and was definitely sick and tired of the treatment he was given by anyone and everyone that thought he was a joke. It could happen, especially since he’s been around long enough to know how a Ghostface killer works.

1. Sidney dies, calling an end to the movies for good.

Whether Sidney becomes the killer or remains the last girl, she simply needs to go at some point to end it, to finish the saga, and just let it die for once. People clamoring for more of Scream are those that are typically thinking that the last three were cinematic gold when in truth a collective groan has gone up to see that the franchise is being kept alive. When thinking that she should have been dead or horribly injured a few times over in the first movie, it’s definitely fair to say that it’s just her time.

Anything other than this, and it’s a sure bet that there will be a part 6. Heck, there might be anyway.

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