Five Scary “Bathroom Mirror” Scenes in Movies

Five Scary “Bathroom Mirror” Scenes in Movies

Every time you look in the bathroom mirror you take for granted what you see, right? Horror movies don’t generally take that same tact. In fact the bathroom mirror can be one of the most horrifying things to think about if you really gave it that much thought. It’s where you look every day, it’s where the most imperfect moments are spent, and it’s one of the areas of the house you take for granted on a constant basis. But what if things were like a horror movie? Would you really take the chance of looking that mirror if any of the clips below had a chance of happening? Here are a few clips of some ill-fated folks that decided to take a chance with something so seemingly innocent.

5. Donnie Darko

No matter that Donnie is a bit out there and disturbed if I saw a deranged-looking guy in a bunny suit that looked thought up from one of H.R. Giger’s nightmares I’d be walking the other way, fast. Yet for all that Donnie is simply fascinated by the continual mental decline he’s experiencing and opens a dialogue with the psychotic rabbit. Or is talking to himself?

4. Mirrors 2

If you’re reflection doesn’t follow you then think about running. Chances are you won’t get too far before your reflection decides to do something extremely horrible, but it’s worth a try. Of course if you’ve done something that bad that the spirit in the glass thinks is worth getting revenge over then consider just kissing your butt goodbye.

3. Poltergeist

There’s been discussion on poltergeists that call them spirits that are nasty, playful, and even mischievous, but these things are flat out mean. Maybe it’s because of the guy leading them or maybe they just have a decidedly lack of compassion for humanity, but once they’re being put under surveillance the spirits start attacking full force and without mercy, even if this was just an illusion.

2. The Shining

This kid is creepy with a capital C. You know the really creepy part? The director never told him what kind of a movie he was participating in. So for all the kid knew he was just playing a part in a dramatic movie as a disturbed child that had an imaginary friend. Seriously, can you even imagine how freaked out the guy must have been later on when he saw this?

1. Candyman

You mean there’s an old legend about a guy with a hook for a hand that will appear and kill me if I call his name three times while looking in a mirror? Okay let’s do it! Seriously though, what is it about the three times that’s so special? I’m sure that someone could explain it to me since I don’t believe it was done on a lark, but the real insane part is that if someone told me a maniac could appear out of nowhere by saying his name three times I would look at them and say “have fun”, right before I booked it out of there.

Don’t always trust what you see in the bathroom mirror, especially after a late night out.


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