Movies That Could Have Been Way Better if They Were Only Longer

Movies That Could Have Been Way Better if They Were Only Longer

Movies That Could Have Been Way Better if They Were Only Longer

The average movie experience is expected to be 2 to 3 hours tops. After that the viewers tend to get a little tired of sitting and want to get up and stretch their legs and possibly use the bathroom. Yet some movies could have definitely used a boost from adding at least a little more material into their story lines to as to either explain the film a little better or at least give a bit more depth to their characters. Sometimes a movie flashes by so fast that you get the most general idea of the character and the setting before they’re gone.

Here are just a few movies that could have benefited from being added onto.

5. Dawn of the Dead

Zombie movies are notorious for keeping the action moving. It’s necessary actually considering that running from the undead is far more exciting than hiding from them in a bunker somewhere. But in this film, which is a remake of an older film, the zombies are still the main part of the story, but the characters that are introduced, the live ones, are not entirely fleshed out the way they could be. And the rooftop scene? If you own a guns and ammo shop wouldn’t you think that plugging as many zombies would be the ideal way to lower the threat? A few minutes more here and there could have made this film a lot better, and the mall scene a lot more integrated into the movie altogether.

4. Elysium

They’re up there living the good life and we’re down here living in squalor. We get that part of it. But what was the deal between Max and the resistance? Why didn’t they seem to get along all that well? A little more depth into this relationship would have been nice despite the fact that viewers could probably piece this together for themselves. And how is Elysium even possible? When did it get launched? There are a lot of questions that might be answered through the film but could use a little more explanation.

3. Split

This is a creepy, terrifying film. Not only does he harbor so many different personalities, but there is one that the others are actually worried about. This one is strong as an ox, can’t be hurt in the same way by conventional weapons, and is a raving, out of control lunatic. It would be nice to go into a little description and showcase the beast just a bit more in order to really get into the deep, dark psyche of Kevin.

2. Fight Club

No one’s saying this is a bad film, because it’s not. But a little more development on the part of the narrator could have worked to understand his underlying psychosis. Maybe a little more background could have helped. It wouldn’t have to be an hour or even thirty minutes, just a short little blurb about his past might help people to understand why he was so able to create an imaginary friend.

1. Ray

Hollywood likes to take real stories and bend them to their own liking. But with Ray it would have been better to stick to all the facts and let his real story come out. How he learned to read Braille, music, and the fact that he had two mothers that helped him grow would have included a very serious and important dynamic that fully explained how Ray Charles became the man he was. Leaving out stuff like this just makes people wonder a little more about the man and less about what he accomplished.

So don’t go thinking that these movies are being  called bad in any way, they’re not. The inclusion of added material however could have made them shine even brighter.


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