Five Possible Spinoff Series Ideas from The Family Chantel

Five Possible Spinoff Series Ideas from The Family Chantel

The Family Chantel

Since its inception, TLC’s 90 Day Fiance franchise has introduced the world to some very interesting characters. Among them are Pedro Jimeno and his wife, Chantel. When we were introduced to the couple, they were in the process of applying for a K1 Visa so that Pedro could move to the United States from the Dominican Republic and they could get married. Unfortunately, what they hoped would be their happily ever after was met with lots of tension from both sides of the family. Due to all of the drama surrounding their relationship, Pedro and Chantel’s storyline quickly became one of the most popular in the franchise. So popular that in 2019, they became the stars of their own spinoff called The Family Chantel. No in its third season, the show has built a solid fan base, but there are also people who would like to see the series go in other directions. Are there better show ideas lurking beneath the surface of The Family Chantel? Here are five possible spinoff ideas from The Family Chantel.

1. A Series About Winter and Jah

Chantel isn’t the only person in her family who has had to deal with people disapproving of her relationship. Her sister, Winter, is in a similar situation with her fiance, Jah. The couple has had an on/off relationship for several years and they’re still struggling to find their footing. No one is supportive of the relationship, primarily due to the fact that they don’t like Jah or the way he treats Winter. They’ve all started to like him even less since they found out that he has a child he didn’t tell Winter about. Even though their situation is a little sad to watch, it has everything it needs to make a perfect reality show. The only drawback to this idea is that it would more than likely end up being too much like The Family Chantel.

2. A Series About River’s Rap Career

Chantel’s younger brother, River, has been along for the ride since Chantel and Pedro were first featured on 90 Day Fiance. So far, he has been characterized as the protective younger brother which has caused him to develop a reputation for being somewhat annoying. However, it would be nice to get to know him in another context. Outside of reality TV, River is actually a rapper who has been putting out music for the last few years. A show following his music career could actually be kind of interesting.

3. A Series That Follows Pedro’s Family In The Dominican Republic

The Family Chantel is certainly an interesting group of people, but Pedro’s family back home is equally as entertaining. Over the years, Pedro’s family has also caused a lot of drama between Pedro and Chantel, but they also have plenty of drama of their own. If you’ve ever seen them in action then you’ll probably agree that they would make for a very interesting reality show. Realistically, however, TLC probably wouldn’t want to spend the money on a whole series that is filmed in the Dominican Republic.

4. A Series That’s Only About Chantel And Pedro

Although Chantel and Pedro are at the center of The Family Chantal, the show isn’t just about them. However, lots of fans may agree that the show would actually be a lot better if it were truly about the couple and their relationship instead of her family. The truth is that there are lots of angles that would make for great TV about a young couple who defied distance to make their relationship work. Most of these angles would be a lot more interesting than watching Chantel’s parents go back and forth with Pedro every episode. A show that is strictly about Pedro and Chantel would also give viewers the chance to get to know them in a different light.

5. A Series About River’s New Relationship

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest season of The Family Chantel then you know that River has a new girlfriend named Megan. Although he seems completely smitten with his new love interest, lots of viewers are already speculating that Megan isn’t truly interested in him. Instead, they believe that she is just looking for a way to get on TV. On top of that, Megan is several years older than River and she has a son. If she sticks around long enough, it seems like only a matter of time before River and Chantel’s parents start to dislike her just as they have with their other children’s partners. A show about River and Megan’s relationship could definitely be very entertaining. Even if they don’t work out, a show about his overall love life could also be good.

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