Five Popular Tattoo Theories from “The Blindspot”

Five Popular Tattoo Theories from “The Blindspot”

The Blindspot is a television show that has been on the air for a couple of seasons now. There are plans to go ahead and carry it out for at least one more season and the show runners claim that they know exactly where they are going with the story. Of course, they’re not divulging any of that to the people who watch the show. That means that viewers have come up with their own theories regarding the origin of the tattoos that obviously play a major part on the show. Below are five of the more interesting theories regarding the tattoos and how they tie in to the show.

1. It’s related to something associated with the FBI, with ties to high levels of the government

This is a show that constantly brings in different elements of law enforcement, especially with regard to higher levels of government operations and the people who run it all. A lot of people think that the tattoos relate to something regarding military precision and its connection to not only the FBI, but higher level government officials that might be trying to send some type of secret signals through the tattoos themselves.

2. The tattoos are related to time travel

This is something that seems to be gaining ground with a lot of viewers. Many of them think that the tattoos are actually related to time travel. In fact, some of them believe that the main character isn’t even human, but is instead a clone who is at least in part carrying alien DNA. Some believe this is how she moves through time, using that alien technology to get from one place to the next. They think that she’s actually moving through time for a specific purpose and that the tattoos are there to serve as clues about not only past events, but events that have not yet occurred.

3. They’re not just clues, they’re messages

Of course, everybody has their own idea about the tattoos but this theory is practically universal. They can’t just be some arbitrary designs. They almost have to be messages about something specific. The debate centers around just exactly what those messages refer to. More and more individuals have developed the theory that the tattoos are there to point she and her team to some future event that they need to stop from happening. The thing is, nobody really knows what the exact message is. Many times, they are neck deep in something before they realize that the tattoos are telling them what to do in that very moment. So far, they haven’t been able to figure out how this relates to anything that might happen in the future.

4. She created the tattoos herself

Some people even think that she created all of these tattoos herself. Remember, back when the show first started her memory was wiped entirely clean and she couldn’t remember who she was or anything about her life. Over the seasons, she has had to force herself to look to those tattoos in order to discover things about her own identity. Some fans speculate that she knew someone was out to get her and she created those tattoos herself in order to give her clues about who she is and what she is supposed to do as she moves forward. This would imply that she knows more than she seems to know, meaning that she’s either really good at hiding her true identity from others or she’s operating on some subconscious level that even she isn’t fully aware of yet.

5. There’s a Big Brother out there somewhere who’s actually trying to help her

Last but certainly not least, there’s a lot of speculation that she has help from someone that has not yet appeared in the cast. You remember how Fox Mulder used to have Deep Throat giving him clues in The X-Files? A lot of people think that this might be something similar but that instead of appearing and giving those messages verbally, this person put all of these tattoos on her in order to guide her to something very specific. If that’s the case, then that person must still be watching out for her in one capacity or another. It does provide interesting possibilities for future stories if this is in fact the case.

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