Five Movies to Watch if You Liked Mean Girls

Five Movies to Watch if You Liked Mean Girls

Five Movies to Watch if You Liked Mean Girls

To a lot of people the idea that Mean Girls became such a movie phenomenon isn’t hard to believe sine it deals with a very real idea that high school is hell when you mess with the wrong people and can be a titanic struggle just to get through if you want to be considered as one of the ‘cool kids’. However if you did like this movie, no judgment, then there are a lot of other movies that you might want to take a look at since they explore similar and related subjects that have a lot to do with self-esteem issues and what it takes to simply make it through the jungle that is high school intact and able to move on with your life when the real world decides to reach out and smack you with a hard dose of reality. As bad as it can get though, this movie is kind of tame compared to some of those that came before it, no matter that it basically turns high school into a seascape where the sharks rip you apart with words rather than their teeth.

Here are a few movies you might like if you enjoyed Mean Girls.

5. The Breakfast Club

It’s funny but people these days seem to love to rip into old 80s movies for one reason or another, saying things like ‘this movie could never be made today’, when in truth the things that go down in high schools these days can be a lot worse than anything you see in this movie. Lauren Duca of Huffpost has compiled a great list of things you might not have known about this movie, some that might actually seem kind of juvenile in their own right since quite honestly a couple of the actors were technically minors when they shot this movie. It still stands today as one of the best that Hughes ever made, but looking at it from a different light is definitely eye-opening.

4. Sixteen Candles

This is another movie that likely ‘couldn’t be made’ today thanks to some of the content that’s been included, but still stands as one of the funniest and most memorable high school movies that shows the clear divide between students. Thankfully Mike McPadden of VH1 made a handy-dandy list for those millennials that happen to think that this movie isn’t worth being mentioned. If you can’t take a joke in a movie, which is what typically happens in a comedy, then it might be time to stick to drama and do your absolute best to forget high school altogether, since without being able to laugh your way through part of it then life is bound to be awfully depressing.

3. Clueless

I’m still clueless, oh yes, pun DEFINITELY intended, as to how this one has gone down as one of the best movies of all time, but people seem to revere it in a way that seems reserved for only the best. Jen Chaney of Vanity Fair might be able to give a decent explanation of how it’s managed to stick with people throughout the years, since trying to relate to the main character or those around her seems like something only a fraction of high school students might be able to do given her upbringing and environment. But hey, people like the movie so any opinion that’s given that contradicts that is theirs to listen to or leave by the wayside.

2. Easy A

It’s amazing how quickly a lie can spread, isn’t it? Especially in high school, where the halls filled with students might as well be dry stalks of grass that are just waiting for a spark to let it burn itself into a conflagration that can disrupt pretty much anyone’s life. At the very least when she’s finally pressed Olive manages to torch her own reputation in style and as the time comes to finally reveal the truth she does it in a manner that reminds everyone that no matter how big the lie became, she’s ready to own it and the bold truth is that what happens in her life is no one’s business. Now how long until this movie gets the ‘can’t be made again’ treatment?

1. The Duff

Movies like this make you wonder if the current generation really knows what inner beauty is all about, but by the time you finish with it you get the idea that they do thankfully, and have no trouble flaunting it for all that it’s worth. Be honest, people do this without even thinking about it, becoming friends with people that are less attractive to make them look better. Or in reverse, people that aren’t that physically attractive make friends with beautiful people. There is some truth to it, even though if a person is even a halfway decent human being they’ll make friends with someone because they share a few things in common and it makes sense to actually be a caring and fun individual to hang around with.

So, how long until the next generation says ‘we can’t make these movies anymore’ ?

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