Five Great Movies Scenes Involving The Ice Cream Man

Five Great Movies Scenes Involving The Ice Cream Man

Five Great Movies Scenes Involving The Ice Cream Man

Usually in real life and in the movies when you see the ice cream truck or hear it from like ten blocks away then you go running. It was one of the joys of being a kid to go after the ice cream truck since it was an indication that not only was it summer, but there were some good treats about to be had. Of course in movies the ice cream truck is used more as a prop than anything even if it is selling frozen delights. The problem with it is that in the modern era the ice cream truck is just about as antiquated as milk delivery eventually became. Oh it’ll be a sad day when the last ice cream truck is put in park for the last time.

We’ll still have the tasty memories though.

5. Friday

In this kind of neighborhood I can see kids popping tires if the ice cream man wasn’t about to deliver one what the side of the truck says is available. Heck in almost any neighborhood kids would stop believing in the sanctity of the ice cream truck altogether if this is how business was run. Plus, who in the world would run drugs or anything aside from sweet treats out of an ice cream truck? That’s just some serious case of misplaced values.

4. Legion

This is one of the last moments in which you’d want to see the ice cream man making a delivery since in this apocalyptic movie people are being possessed by angels. That’s right, ANGELS are possessing people and seeking to eradicate mankind from the face of the earth. This ugly bugger however is on the trail of a child that has yet to be born, and is only one of many trying to snuff the kid’s light out since that child will be the savior of mankind.

3. Dirty Grandpa

Classic Pam, using an ice cream truck to sell drugs out of. Wait, that seems like something I might have already condemned in this article. Oh well, the truck serves a purpose at least to chase down the woman of Efron’s dreams before she can go off without him to some hippie conference where she’ll no doubt be lonely, miserable, and wishing that he’d been there with her the entire time.

2. Despicable Me 2

Because of course minions like ice cream, doesn’t everyone? And what better way to round them all up than to bring out something that they’ll go nuts for? Of course given that Gru has an affinity for his minions there’s nothing stopping him from going after them and getting them back. But one thing that’s not too clear about the minions is that they are intelligent, but only when they want to be apparently.

1. Ice Cream Man

When your Rocky Road seems to be a little more rocky than anything you might want to take a look at what you’re eating before taking another bite. This ice cream man likes to add his own ingredients to his mixture and doesn’t usually skimp on the extra bits and pieces.

Admit it, you know you could hear that ice cream truck coming from nearly a hundred yards out.

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