Five Big Bang Theory Storylines That Fans Hated

Five Big Bang Theory Storylines That Fans Hated

Five Big Bang Theory Storylines That Fans Hated

For quite a while The Big Bang Theory was one of the biggest hits on TV and against at least some odds it was one of the more popular shows to come along in some time. Now that it’s off the air, apart from streaming networks, it’s funny to think that a lot of people had an issue with any of it, but thanks to Screenrant there are plenty of moments to pick from that people didn’t really like as much. Saying that people hated these story lines is a bit rough, but then again there are those people out there that get pretty serious about their shows and are bound to say whatever comes to mind, especially if they’re emotionally invested in the show to such a degree. There were quite a few story lines on TBBT but those that were really disliked are typically those that came with a bit of conflict that fans didn’t think needed to happen or were perhaps thought to be something that the characters would never possibly do. In any case people felt a certain way about them.

Here are just a few of the story lines from TBBT that people didn’t care for.

5. The time that Leonard cheated on Penny.

The fact this was so out of character for Leonard was what appeared to really get fans riled up since he worried so much all the time about Penny looking to better deal him behind his back that admitting he cheated was kind of like dropping a bomb on the fans. Thankfully things still went forward anyway and they turned into a happy couple after their marriage, but the idea of Leonard committing an act like this when he was so devoted to Penny for so long made a lot of people see red for a moment since there was no precedent for it.

4. The Raj and Anu relationship.

This relationship felt like a desperation move on the part of the show and the fact that it was so rushed kind of turned a lot of fans off. The whole arranged marriage thing has usually been something that people don’t think twice about unless it happens to someone they know, or they just happen to be that empathetic to others. It’s a cultural matter after all and something that a lot of us in America really don’t or couldn’t understand if it was something that more and more people had to go through. But in this case it just didn’t fit right with the show and a lot of people were fairly vocal about it.

3. When Amy decided to get intimate.

The fact that Amy came in and was so cold and clinical wasn’t a great look to start with even though it was definitely funny. But her desire to get in with the group and make herself an integral part should have been something that was embraced and developed in a big way, and the writers kind of dropped the ball on this one by insuring that Sheldon would do his thing and be, well, Sheldon. At first it was endearing to see that she was trying so hard, but after a while it just became kind of sad and pathetic in a way, though eventually it did work and allowed the show to move forward in a big way.

2. When it appeared that Penny was just a dumb and pretty girl.

Penny was bound to be seen as a stereotype in this group since she’s pretty, she’s not a doctor or engineer, and she has more street smarts in her little finger than a lot of the guys have in their entire bodies. But that’s a big part of what made her so endearing to the show, she wasn’t stupid by any means but she wasn’t so smart that she felt the need to lord it over others at times. If anything she was the grounding point of the group, keeping them a bit more honest and a lot more humble, when possible, and making sure they didn’t get too full of themselves now and again.

1. The idea of Bernadette becoming more like Howard’s mother.

This is unfortunately something that men deal with outside of the TV show as well, but it was kind of hard to watch it happen on the show since Bernadette was kind of a fun character and her own personality. Howard’s mom wasn’t exactly a prize but to see someone starting to turn into her was even worse since it took the image of Bernadette and started to remake her into something that would only become detrimental to their relationship down the line. Thankfully things turned out alright and she got to be her own person again, otherwise it could have been disastrous.

There were plenty of other story lines that people didn’t like, but for the most part a lot of fans simply enjoyed the show.

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