The Five Best Uses of Led Zeppelin Songs in Movies

The Five Best Uses of Led Zeppelin Songs in Movies

The Five Best Uses of Led Zeppelin Songs in Movies

Be honest, you started humming Stairway to Heaven as soon as you saw the name, right? It’s pretty normal, considering that it was one of the most iconic and memorable songs to have ever been produced by Led Zeppelin. This band has been all over the map when it comes to inspiring others in various ways, and their music made its way to film very quickly as their epic sound and masterful lyrics made their way into people’s consciousness as most individuals can’t help but humming a few notes of their favorite songs. Watching a film that decides to place Led Zeppelin in their soundtrack though, now that’s a special kind of feeling.

Here are just a few films that made a good call by adding Led Zeppelin to their list.

5. Ramble On – Oblivion

When the world ends there will only be a few recognizable things left apparently, and Led Zeppelin is one of them. That should make most fans jump up and down for joy considering that Tom Cruise had the foresight to find and save one of the best pieces of music he could possibly find. Plus, it just seems to tie the scene together as it offers a laid back kind of feel that allows one to escape and just enjoy the music for a time. One of those long summer day songs that you don’t want to end, right?

4. What Is and What Should Never Be – Silver Linings Playbook


Give credit to Hollywood, they’re finally putting the right songs in the right place. This track sparks the moment just perfectly as Pat goes on a tear looking for something that might or might not be there. In truth he shouldn’t even be looking for any wedding memorabilia because let’s face it, if you’ve watched the film that is, his marriage tanked and he’s all the better for it, in some ways. But the frantic energy of the song matches his sudden mood swings with such accuracy that you have to wonder if the movie was chosen for the song and not vice versa.

3. Good Time Bad Times – American Hustle

Oh yes, oh yes. You should have been expecting this one, and with this film. The level of energy that Led Zeppelin brought in their own time is still very alive and very well in the present day, largely because they were so far ahead of their time. This film encapsulates the song in such a way that it might as well have been written while the writers were listening to the track. I’ll profess to being a Led Zeppelin fan and being a little biased, but when a film and a soundtrack get together in such a way it’s hard not to be impressed.

2. Immigrant Song – Shrek 3

So yes, the song gets cut off after the iconic wail, and yes it’s a cartoon. So what? The wail alone is enough to get the blood pumping and the body swaying, especially in this classic film. It’s right as that wail hits that you know it’s time to get it on. Just feeling the power that Led Zeppelin brings to their songs can make you want to flex those muscles and give that primal yell to let everyone know you’re coming.  Another great use of this song is in the movie School of Rock as well as a remake of the song in the introduction to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  The song is also being used in Thor: Ragnarok.

1. Stairway to Heaven – Wayne’s World

Now be honest, do you really think I’d leave this song off the list?  Not only has it been the most contested song  throughout Led Zeppelin’s history, but it’s the one song that fans and casual listeners alike know by the first few seconds alone. Now it might seem  like cheating considering that Wayne didn’t get to play more than two seconds of the song, if that, but it’s enough to know that guitar salesmen across the country likely got fed up with people trying to recreate Stairway so often. Imagine doing that for eight hours a day, five days a week. Nope, better to enjoy the tune like a fine wine and only savor it in moderation. It’s so much better that way.

These are probably some of the best examples of Led Zeppelin’s work when it comes to film. It’s great to think that Hollywood is finally paying attention.


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