Five Bad Characters from Shows We Love


There are many, many good shows on TV right now, but almost none of them are perfect. Some have defects in terms of plot, others in terms of characters. It’s the latter we’ll be talking about today. It’s not to say that the actors in these role are bad, but I think the characters themselves, the way they’re written, is quite bad most of the time. Feel free to disagree but from Dexter to Breaking Bad to Game of Thrones and more, here are five characters I consider quite weak compared to the rest of their casts.

The Walking Dead – Andrea


I don’t know why this is, but The Walking Dead just loves to give us a 30-40 something white woman to dislike at all times. First it was Carol, back in the days when Sophia was lost .Then it was Lori until…well, we know what happened to Lori. Now it’s Andrea who is hooking up with the most evil person on the show, completely oblivious to facts that literally every other cast member is aware of. Can she really be this blind? I guess we’ll find out when the season continues.

Dexter – Quinn


There are a few choices to choose from on Dexter, which is a show that I would say generally has a pretty weak supporting cast, but recently Quinn has rocketed to the top of my list after last season. At least the other subcharacters don’t take over 1/3rd of the season with their useless subplots anymore. Quinn, however, had drama for the entire season with his stripper girlfriend and her boss that ended abruptly and had almost zero impact on the larger plot. There was a time when it seemed like Quinn would be the one to uncover Dexter’s secret, but it doesn’t even seem like they’re on the same show any more.

Game of Thrones – Cersei


I know what you’re thinking here. What about Joffrey? Yes, that’s true, Joffrey probably has done more despicable things throughout the course of the show, but I don’t consider him irritating the way Cersei is. Rather, he’s SUCH a good villain, that he’s truly makes our blood boil. But Cersei? With that pursed lips, scrunched eyebrows face of hers she’s constantly making? To me, she just exists to annoy us. She almost did something awesome by killing herself last season, but sadly it was not to be.

Breaking Bad – Skyler


Skyler was annoying from day one, initially because her name sounds like it belongs to a high school aged surfer girl. But her character went from bad, when she pesters Walt about his secrets, to worse, where she became comatose and psychotic when she did discover the truth. There was a window for about ten minutes where she seemed like a legitimately good money launderer, but other than that, she exists as a plot device and everything she does on the show is like nails on a chalkboard to me. Though I do think she’ll be important when it comes to Walt’s downfall.

Modern Family – Manny


Don’t get me wrong, I love Modern Family, but wow, does Manny ever annoy me. His “old man stuck in a kid’s body” gag was good for a few episodes, but they’ve taken it to a degree that just doesn’t make any logical sense anymore, even for a relatively slapstick comedy. It’s not like they’re trying to pretend he’s gay, he’s just “fancy,” and it’s a bizarre character trait that makes him annoying. There’s no depth to him, but not in a funny way like with the other children on the show. His “shtick” as it were, is just weak, and it might take puberty for him to evolve into a good character.

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