Five Actresses Who Did Crazy Training for a Single Role

Five Actresses Who Did Crazy Training for a Single Role

Five Actresses Who Did Crazy Training for a Single Role

If you’re thinking that an actor can just walk on set, take a few lessons in whatever is needed to complete a role, and then make it look awesome, then you don’t know much about movies. The women listed below had to undergo a crazy amount of training for their roles and went through hell in some cases in order to make sure that they could make it work. For every one of those listed these roles were something special and were worth every last drop of sweat they shed in order to get into shape so that they could make it look absolutely perfect. Some of them had to bulk up, others had to drop weight to get where they needed to be. No matter what it took they did it and went through the process that was demanded to make sure that they were able to meet the requirements.

That’s extremely impressive when you really think about what some of them did.

Gal Gadot-Wonder Woman

Gadot gained 17 pounds of muscle while training for the role of Wonder Woman and had to learn how to fight, how to wield the sword she used, and ride horseback. At the beginning of her training she couldn’t do a single pull-up, but afterwards she was tough as nails.

Hillary Swank-Million Dollar Baby

Her training regimen included boxing, lifting weights, and was scheduled down to the minute. The director wanted her to gain 10 pounds and she gained 19 of solid muscle. She also had to take in around 210 grams of protein every day. That seems like a lot, and it is, but she was on a tight schedule and would wake up in the middle of the night to down a protein shake.

Natalie Portman-Black Swan

Portman had to shed about 20 pounds and also had to dance about five hours a day in order to get the thin, emaciated form of the ballerina that she was going for. Mila Kunis had to do this as well, but Portman was required to look continually strung out to perfect this role. It worked obviously, she looked like an emotional wreck.

Demi Moore-G.I. Jane

Moore had to train with an actual Navy SEAL to get into shape for this role and didn’t bother using a stunt double for some of the harder scenes. She explained that this would have lessened the experience for her.

Zoe Saldana-Avatar

Parts of her training regimen included riding a horse bareback, learning how to shoot a bow both astride a horse and on foot, as well as on the run. Then she had to learn how to do all this with a motion capture suit so as to simulate the form of her character. Talk about awkward.

Daisy Ridley-Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Box jumps, air squats, constant running, drills with the lightsaber, and a strict adherence to staying off of Instagram thanks to internet trolls was what kept Ridley on the set of The Force Awakens. Constant drills and a steady workout that would challenge most men kept her in fighting shape and brought to her character a decidedly impressive look that fit the character perfectly.

When you want the role it’s important to have the mindset that you’ll do anything.

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