Five Actors Who Should Play Rob Gronkowski in a Biopic Called “Gronk”

Five Actors Who Should Play Rob Gronkowski in a Biopic Called “Gronk”

Now that Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots has decided to retire you know that there will, eventually, be a biopic on him since he was labeled the best tight end in the game at one point. Jeremy Bergman from is probably one of the best sources you could find on this since he’s one of those that’s in the know and would have the best idea of what was going on in the league. And it’s true, Gronk is in fact walking away from the NFL after nine seasons of hard-hitting play and the type of dominance that’s hard to ignore. He’s been labeled by fans as ‘glass-body Gronk’ a few times over the years despite the fact that he’s taken some of the toughest hits in the game, as Nick Goss from Sports Boston would happily tell you. As a Seahawks fan I can’t pass up this moment when Earl Thomas and Gronk had a mid-field meeting that didn’t exactly favor Gronk.

It’s hard to stop a guy like Gronk when he gets going, but there have been hits in his career that have stopped him cold, and it’s been a little too obvious that the sudden halt in momentum was less than pleasant. But in terms of who might play this guy in a movie, and how many stunt doubles could possibly be found, it’s hard to say since you’d need someone that’s a pretty good size, so Patriots fan Mark Wahlberg is out unfortunately. According to Daniel Greco of Wahlberg is one of the biggest Patriots fans around, he’s just not one the biggest men in show business and that’s what’s needed to be honest.

Hey, Gronkowski is a big guy.

5. John Cena

This takes care of the big portion since Cena is a pretty big and buff dude. In fact he might actually have to tone down for this role since he is so big and buff, so much so that he makes Gronk look kind of trim and even small. But while Cena has been featured in several movies to this point he’s almost always had the chance to show off his intellect as well. This movie would allow him to hang loose a little more and have a good time. Gronk isn’t a dummy to be honest but his whole image for years now has painted him as kind of a goofball that likes to have fun and isn’t shy about letting people know that he’s all about having a good time.

4. Chris Evans

Chris has been acting the part of the big, muscular guy for a while now so it wouldn’t be much of a switch since Gronk is big and muscular and very dedicated to what he does, just like Chris has been with his career in the MCU. But it could be an interesting project for Chris to move onto now that he seems to be exiting the MCU, especially given that we’d all like to see him take on something that might challenge him just a little bit given that he’s already done a wide range of movies in his career that have helped to make him into the respected actor that he is today. But as with Cena he’d have loosen up a bit.

3. Ryan Gosling

This might seem like an odd choice seeing as how Ryan isn’t quite as big as these other guys and might actually be deemed as not quite the same caliber. But he’s proven to be something of an on-screen chameleon since he can take on the roles that are needed and has shown that he’s more than capable of pulling his own weight with just about any movie. Now granted, the latest Blade Runner movie was not a good example of this, but Ryan is still capable of taking on a role that would no doubt require him to bulk up a bit and possibly show his funnier side. It could happen.

2. Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth really seems like a guy with a lot of talent that doesn’t get enough credit and needs to be given more roles that can up his reputation. He’s a decent to good actor that just needs the right role to really help him ascend to a level where he might be seen as elite or at least as great. Putting him in a movie like this seems like it would give him that chance to be a breakout star finally that could contend with the just about anyone else.

1. Chris Hemsworth

This feels like a no-brainer. He’s big, he has the right look, he could shave his head and make it even better, and he’s, well, he’s big and can play the part. Chris Hemsworth has established himself as an action star through his time in the MCU and he’s tried other ventures as well, but it really seems that he does well when he’s allowed to fall back on his physical attributes, which could be said about Gronk as well.

He was one of the best in the game, there’s no denying that.

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